NOPD Creates French Quarter Gun-Free Zone by Designating a Police Station a School

NOPD New Orleans Police Department French Quarter

After New Orleans officials were unsuccessful in their attempts to get state lawmakers to designate vast swathes of their city’s popular tourist areas as gun-free zones before Louisiana’s new permitless carry law went live July 4, they came up with their own solution, which is probably unconstitutional, definitely whacky, and certain to be contested in […]

Wrongful New York Arrest Shows How Carry Licensing Enables Police Misconduct


A recent story out of New York shows us the true danger of concealed carry licensing, giving bigoted people an excuse to abuse their power. Raffique Khan, a veteran and recipient of a purple heart was having a normal night after retirement enjoying time with a friend. Then NYPD pulled him over, seemingly for no […]

Burlington, Vermont Police Apologize For Unannounced Mass Shooting Simulation

The world can be a scary place. Sadly some Americans prefer to practice denial when it comes to crime and criminal attacks. That denial of reality apparently helps them cope. Other more prudent Americans opt instead to recognize potential threats and do what they can to mitigate them ahead of time. By taking proactive steps, […]

Maine’s ‘Gun Safety Coalition’ Negligently Fires Musket During Gun Turn-In

Maine’s so-called “Gun Safety Coalition” claims it educates people on how to safely store a gun, among other things.  We all know their idea of “gun safety” is to disregard your personal safety and the proven benefits of firearm ownership by simply not having any guns around.  Nevertheless, they’re apparently experts in safe gun handling and […]

Florida Sheriff Fires Trigger-Happy Deputy Who Killed USAF Airman

Remember that Florida Sheriff’s Department where a couple of their deputies shot up a police SUV early this year when they mistook the sound of an acorn striking the squad car for a gunshot? While that trigger-happy response thankfully resulted in no human fatalities, another incident by the same department left a US Air Force […]

Biden Pushes ‘Freedom to be Safe’ and Gun Control for Peace Officers Memorial Day

Law Enforcement Officer Deaths by Year

A proclamation issued by President Joe Biden on May 10 to mark “Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Officer Week” included a recital of measures to support police officers and “keep law enforcement on the beat and communities safe from violence.” These included Biden’s “historic” actions to further gun control measures and his continued calls to “ban […]

Fifth Graders on a Field Trip Find a Gun in a Rock Island, Illinois PD Jail Cell

‘Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult. Those are the four gun safety steps all young people should learn in dealing with any firearm they may inadvertently encounter “in the wild.”  Fifth graders on a field trip to the Rock Island, Illinois police department never dreamed they’d come across a gun in the […]