Mangum Research’s New SwitchBolt Takedown .22LR Rifle – NRAAM [VIDEO]

One of the coolest things we saw at NRAAM was the latest version of Magnum Research’s SwitchBolt rimfire rifle. Magnum Research may not be the first name to come to mind when the topic is rimfire rifles, but their line of Magnum Lite and Switchbolts have excellent feature sets. The standard .22LR SwitchBolt rifle weighs […]

Streamlight’s New TLR-7 HL-X Pistol Light – NRAAM

Back during the SHOT Show, streamlight showed off their new TLR-7X pistol light in both battery powered and USB rechargeable versions. The were showing it with their option HPL face cap that lets you boos your light output. We got our hands on one…look for a review soon. In the mean time, the morning that […]

SIG SAUER Demos Their New SIG CONNECT Training App – NRAAM


Maybe no other gun manufacturer is doing more to promote and improve the experience of gun ownership than SIG SAUER. Their Rose program isn’t just women-oriented guns and gear, but also a series of training courses and seminars that range from in-store “experiences” to weekends at luxurious resorts designed to get women who may be […]

Thompson and Auto Ordnance’s New TAO50 .50 BMG Rifle – NRAAM

There I was, strolling past the Kahr booth at NRAAM when this thing caught my eye. Given that it’s notably bigger than anything else in Kahr’s, Auto Ordnance’s, or Thompson’s, lineup I was compelled to check it out. The new TAO50 is pretty much what it looks like…a big bolt action rifle that slings .50 […]

NRAAM: Around the Convention Floor in Dallas


When the doors opened on the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits it wasn’t a mad dash onto the show floor and the morning of day one started a bit slow. That changed a couple hours later but it made Friday morning a good time to talk with exhibitors. This worked out well as Dan […]

Olight’s New Osight 3 MOA Rechargeable Pistol Red Dot Sight – NRAAM

Olight Osight rechargeable red dot

One of the new products that’s caught a lot of attention here in Dallas this weekend is Olight’s entry into the pistol red dot business. On the surface, their new Osight seems pretty standard. It’s sized for a full-size or compact pistol, has an aluminum housing, the dot size is 3 MOA, it has “shake […]

Henry’s Lever Action Supreme Magaze-Fed Rifle Draws Crowds – NRAAM

You may remember that Henry slipped a new gun in at SHOT Show range day that took a lot of people by surprise. At first, they only referred to the new magazine-fed lever action rifle as the H023. Then they let the name ‘Lever Action Supreme’ slip. It will be chambered in 5.56 or 300 […]

Colt’s 3 New Revolvers – Meet the Kodiak, Grizzly and Viper – NRAAM

Colt showed up at NRAAM loaded for bear (sorry). They’ve announced three new revolvers that have been drawing crowds around their booth here in Dallas. First two, the Grizzly and the Kodiak are designed for backcountry duty. Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC announces the release of the Colt Grizzly, blending timeless craftsmanship with modern enhancements tailored to […]

Crossman’s New Integrally Suppressed Prospect .177 and .22 Air Rifle

We’ve shot some pretty powerful air rifles in the past, guns with enough oomph to take medium sized game at respectable ranges. But there’s something about Crossman’s latest, the Prospect integrally suppressed air rifle just puts a grin on our faces. The bold action gun is available in .177 and .22 chamberings and runs a […]

Taurus’s New Dual Caliber 7-Shot Model 692 Executive Grade Revolver

Taurus Model 692 Executive Grade revolver

Taurus’s line of Executive Grade revolvers have been very impressing in both their build quality and the way they shoot. Now they’re adding to the line with their new 7-shot, dual cylinder Model 692 with both 9mm and .38/.357 cylinders, an adjustable rear sight, and a ported barrel. Taurus USA proudly unveils the newest addition […]