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Dan Zimmerman – Editor

After almost 12 years of editing another gun blog you may be familiar with, Dan jumped at the chance to get SNW up and running. Though coming to guns and shooting later than most, he’s a fan of everything that goes bang…but shotguns hold a special place in his heart. He’s loved being a Texan for the last decade while doing his best to navigate life in Austin.

Jeremy S. – Associate Editor

LKB – Legal Contributor

LKB is Shooting News’s legal commentator and occasional gun and gear reviewer. His day job is keeping the world safe from evil copyright infringers.

John Boch – Contributor

Paul Markel – Contributor

Paul G. Markel became a United States Marine in 1987. A combat decorated veteran, Mr. Markel has been a certified Ohio Peace Officer as well as an Executive Protection Agent. Paul has been writing professionally for over 30 years with innumerable articles and published books. He is the founder of Student of the Gun and,the training arm. Markel has also been a Small Arms and Tactics Instructor for three decades.

Travis Pike – Contributor

Jennifer Sensiba – Contributor

Tim Stetzer – Contributor

Tim Stetzer lives in Western Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, and too many cats. He has over two decades of law enforcement and criminal justice experience, and was an instructor with the county police for 15 years. He’s semi-retired and currently works part time as a school police officer. He is also a veteran of both the Army and Air Force Reserves, and has been an avid outdoorsman since his youth in Boy Scouts. Tim has written for various gun, knife, and outdoors publications since 2006 and has designed, or helped design, a number of custom and production knives during that time.

Kat Stevens – Contributor

Grace Ainsworth Stevens – Contributor

Grace Stevens is a hunter and self-defense shooter who grew up with guns and the outdoor industry. She’s a dedicated handgunner, but has a definite penchant for shotguns and hog hunting. You can find her hiking in Oklahoma, hunting in Texas, and creating political commentary through art.

Jon Wayne Taylor – Contributor