California’s Broader Protection Orders Likely Won’t Stand Up, Even After Rahimi

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The [Rahimi] decision, however, does not validate all restraining order statutes. Consider, for instance, California Code of Civil Procedure § 527.6; that statute authorizes “harassment restraining orders” based on “clear and convincing evidence” of “harassment,” which includes not just “unlawful violence” or “a credible threat of violence,” but also (emphasis added) a knowing and willful course […]

After Rahimi, Bruen Remains Tanned, Rested, and Ready for Future Cases

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By focusing on Rahimi’s “dangerous” conduct, the high court did not foreclose a series of other challenges to federal disarmament laws already pending at the Supreme Court, including one related to Hunter Biden’s felony gun case. One of those cases that has been appealed to the justices centers on a Mississippi man who is challenging a […]

Faria: Bump Stocks Are Just the Latest Shiny Object for Anti-Gun Democrats

The Democratic Party’s incoherence on gun control leads to politicians chasing the next shiny object for regulation with little regard for how to seriously address the issues they claim they are handling. Senate Democrats attempted to push through a bump stock ban by unanimous consent, which predictably failed and will turn into yet another gun control talking point for […]

NYT Tries to Take Down Georgetown Prof Who Revealed Extent of Defensive Gun Uses

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It’s strange that the media never have a problem with gun control industry hacks like Ryan Busse being paid expert witnesses, but when academics do it, providing aid and comfort to people who support the Second Amendment, they must be destroyed. In the battle to dismantle gun restrictions, raging in America’s courts even as mass […]

OSD: The Cargill Ruling Makes Eventually Taking Down the NFA Look Problematic

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Antonin Scalia once described the presumption against ineffectiveness as “the idea that Congress presumably does not enact useless laws”. (He probably intended that to be read half-sarcastically.) The point is that courts should not interpret a law in a way that nullifies the law’s goal. In this case, Sotomayor uses that to suggest that courts should […]

Biden Forgets That Trump Banned Bump Stocks in New Anti-Gun Campaign Commercial

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  “When Trump was president— children gunned down in classrooms, innocent people killed in church and massacred at a concert. Still, Trump did nothing,” Biden said in the ad. “He sided with the NRA, but I sided with you. I’ve expanded background checks, created an office of gun violence prevention, and now murder rates are […]

Cargill: We Can Use the Bump Stock Ruling to Protect Everything

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I was told over five years ago, ‘Why are you going down this road? No one cares about bump stocks. Let’s go ahead and let them take the bump stocks.’ But instead, I stood and fought. And because of this, the bump stock case is gonna be the case that saves everything.  It’s gonna stop […]