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I Don’t Believe in Coincidences

I joke that I’m not superstitious. When someone asked why that was, my response is simple: “because it’s bad luck.” Believing in luck creates luck.

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The Future of Guns Will be Quiet(er)

Exponential curves like the one above don’t just stop. The consumer demand (for suppressors) is there, and it’s accelerating. And that’s happening just as NFA

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Gun Nation

Shooting Straight: Columbine Who?

On April 20, 2024 we hit a grim milestone of sorts: 25 years since Columbine. Somehow that massacre that was carried out by mentally ill

Body Guard Elite Bulletproof Backpack
Gear Review

Gear Review: Bodyguard Elite Armored Backpack

I’ve never owned body armor before. I’m not opposed to it, I’ve just chosen to spend my dollars differently. If you own it, good on