Delaware Changing Definition of “Firearm”

Much to the surprise of the Shooting News Weekly team, it turns out that Delaware is one step closer to changing its legal definition of a “firearm” to encompass fewer projectile-launching contraptions rather than more. Tweaking it from effectively any weapon that expels a projectile to only those that do so via means of gunpowder […]

California’s Broader Protection Orders Likely Won’t Stand Up, Even After Rahimi

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The [Rahimi] decision, however, does not validate all restraining order statutes. Consider, for instance, California Code of Civil Procedure § 527.6; that statute authorizes “harassment restraining orders” based on “clear and convincing evidence” of “harassment,” which includes not just “unlawful violence” or “a credible threat of violence,” but also (emphasis added) a knowing and willful course […]

After Rahimi, Bruen Remains Tanned, Rested, and Ready for Future Cases

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By focusing on Rahimi’s “dangerous” conduct, the high court did not foreclose a series of other challenges to federal disarmament laws already pending at the Supreme Court, including one related to Hunter Biden’s felony gun case. One of those cases that has been appealed to the justices centers on a Mississippi man who is challenging a […]

The Contorted Rahimi Ruling Didn’t Damage Bruen as Anti-Gunners Had Hoped

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Today’s narrow Supreme Court decision in Rahimi failed to produce the damage the anti-gun crowd hoped for against Bruen. The Bruen decision remains intact and will continue to be an important building block necessary to continue winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.  None of the justices in the Bruen majority cast aside the […]

In Cargill, SCOTUS Ruled that Words Mean Things and Congress Writes the Laws

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By Shelby Baird Smith Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court took a major step in reining in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) administrative overreach. The Court held in Garland v. Cargill that the agency exceeded its statutory authority by classifying semiautomatic rifles equipped with bump stocks as “machineguns” under the National Firearms Act […]

OSD: The Cargill Ruling Makes Eventually Taking Down the NFA Look Problematic

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Antonin Scalia once described the presumption against ineffectiveness as “the idea that Congress presumably does not enact useless laws”. (He probably intended that to be read half-sarcastically.) The point is that courts should not interpret a law in a way that nullifies the law’s goal. In this case, Sotomayor uses that to suggest that courts should […]

Never Interrupt Your Opponent When She’s Making a Mistake

With the announcement of Friday’s 6-3 Supreme Court decision overturning the block on bump stocks, there were the usual responses from the industry (yay!), the Brady bunch (boo!) and the typical bloviation from observers on both sides of the issue. On the pro-gun side, comments were calm and measured. At the same time, pro-gun leaders […]