Final Chicago Holiday Body Count: 19 Killed, 89 Wounded…Mayor Blames Richard Nixon

Chicago Police photo via X.

Chicago’s gangs had a bang-up weekend over the Independence Day holiday extended weekend. With 19 killed and 89 more suffering gunshot wounds, the city of Chicago racked up a third or more of the nation’s homicides over the period. God bless for not trying to massage the numbers for photo ops or political pandering.

Meanwhile, Murder City’s Mayor Brandon Johnson claims there will be consequences, but everyone knows that’s pure political posturing. The gangs know there will be precious few consequences. Not in a city where 50% of the time there are no police available to respond to even the most urgent 911 calls. And that doesn’t even include the 911 calls that don’t get answered.

Do you doubt the whole “consequences” thing? Note that Mayor Johnson didn’t talk about the number of suspects the police have identified from the last few days’ gang violence. Or how many arrests have been made. Or how many felony charges had been approved by Team Soros’ Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

So who does the Mayor think is responsible for the violence? Did he point his fingers at Chicago’s rampant gang community? Perish the thought. Not when there’s a longstanding cozy relationship between Chicago’s gangs and Windy City political machine leaders.

Instead bird-brained Mayor Brandon Johnson blames…wait for it…Richard Nixon.

You just can’t make this up.

Frankly, it’s surprising he didn’t also blame law-abiding gun owners and call for still more gun control legislation in the Land o’ Lincoln. Could that be because Gov. Pritzker’s so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” gun and magazine ban has had exactly zero impact on gang violence?

Here’s what else Hizzoner is pointing his finger at, from the AP . . .

A shooting at a block party in Detroit left two people dead and more than a dozen wounded, capping a violent holiday weekend in the U.S. that also saw mass shootings in Kentucky and Chicago.

More than 100 people were shot in Chicago, 19 of them fatally, over the long Independence Day weekend, when there is often a spike in violence. One mass shooting Thursday in a neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, left two women and an 8-year-old boy dead. Two other children were also critically injured.

“We cannot take our eyes off the ball,” Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling said at a Monday news conference. “We cannot stop thinking about the people who have been victimized by this crime.”

City officials announced plans for an emergency resource center to open Monday evening for people struggling with trauma, while Mayor Brandon Johnson blamed the pervasive violence on years of disinvestment and poverty, particularly in the city’s Black neighborhoods. Johnson, who took office last year, said Chicago has not received enough federal resources for victims and that he recently renewed a request for help.

So in addition to the late Richard Nixon, Mayor Johnson blames years of…disinvestment and poverty? Does anyone want to take a shot at naming the political party that has run Chicago with an iron fist for generations now (the last Republican Mayor left office in 1931)?

It’s evident that Mayor Let’s Go Brandon talks a good game. But smart folks don’t listen to talk, they look for actions. And what has Johnson and his political cabal been actively doing behind the scenes? Glad you asked.

They’re working to end ShotSpotter which leads cops to shooting scenes more quickly, giving them a chance to apprehend suspects. The Mayor and his buddies say ShotSpotter is racist because it points to all of the shootings in black neighborhoods. As if pointing out who is doing the shooting is somehow racist.

They’re also working to end most traffic stops. From CWB Chicago . . .

With the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system soon to be removed from Chicago’s streets, so-called “reform” activists are turning their attention to another tool police find useful: traffic stops.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said in May that her office is developing a policy not to prosecute gun, theft, and drug charges stemming from certain traffic stops. Foxx said her staff would refuse to file charges in most cases if evidence was found during a traffic stop for missing license plates, expired registrations, and other minor infractions. She called the anticipated change “a public safety enhancement effort.”

Suffice it to say that things will only continue to get worse in Chicago. And much worse will be coming soon. The Democratic National Convention is scheduled for August 9 to 11. My advice for fellow gun owners in Illinois? You don’t want to be within a quarter tank of gas of the United Center during that week.

By the way, does anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many people were shot and killed at the NASCAR event in Chicago this past weekend? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. Zero. The gang banger ghetto turds shooting up the place don’t care for NASCAR.

    Does anyone know which suburb the mayor now lives in after he knocked up one of his staffers and then wouldn’t abort the pregnancy? I know his wife kicked him out of the house. Imagine how humiliated Mrs. Johnson must have felt… her hubby not only cheated on her but did it with a white woman!

  2. The Haiti of North America. All they need is burning tires in the streets. Blacks love to burn tires.

  3. Speaking of disinvestment have they replaced the stores that were looted out of existence with government run shops yet?

  4. Just be thankful the thugs and gang bangers enjoy the atmosphere in Chiraq rather than your community.

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