Why Does One City Account for More Than a Third of America’s Holiday Weekend Homicides?

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (Facebook)

Chicago’s Mayor says his city is “in a state of grief” over the bloodshed that’s happened so far over the extended Independence Day weekend. As of Saturday morning, a dozen have been killed and 61 wounded in Murder City, USA. By comparison, the AP reports that 33 people have been killed nationwide in gang violence over the weekend. So if my math is correct, Chicago itself accounts for more than one-third of America’s homicides during the holiday.

While that may seem shocking, it shouldn’t be. This is just another weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago America’s largest open-air shooting gallery. Over the Father’s Day weekend, gang bangers managed to stack up 10 dead bodies and wound another 62 per the indispensable

From the AP . . .

Shootings and other violence during the extended Fourth of July weekend have left at least 33 people dead, including 11 in Chicago, and injured dozens more nationwide, authorities said.

The Fourth of July historically is one of the nation’s deadliest days of the year. A flurry of shootings around the holiday a year ago left more than a dozen people dead and over 60 wounded. And a year before that, seven people died in a mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade near Chicago.

Violence and mass shootings often increase in the summer months, with more people gathering for social events, teens out of school and hotter temperatures.

Chicago ‘in state of grief’

In Chicago alone, 11 people had been killed and 55 wounded in shootings as of Friday morning during the extended July Fourth weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The violence included a mass shooting on Thursday that killed two women and an 8-year-old boy.

The recent violence “has left our city in a state of grief,” Mayor Brandon Johnson said.

A community rally was planned for Friday evening, and the city will beef up police presence over the weekend, Johnson said in a statement.

Another photo-op community rally should be just the thing to turn things around this time…if it doesn’t provide yet another target for gang members toting switch-equipped pistols to spray some more lead.

Besides, Mayor Johnson has a plan! It doesn’t, however, involve arresting any gang members. And holding those who commit most of the cities crime accountable via prosecution and incarceration is completely out of the question.

The more cynical among us might call Hizzoner’s plan yet another “vote-buying” stunt but that would be churlish. Mayor Johnson, you see, is focused on the big picture. 

From WGN . . .

Mayor Brandon Johnson says he’s focused on long-term investments to help solve the city’s ongoing issue with gun violence…

Arguing there’s no quick fix, and that the city must get at the root causes of violence, Mayor Johnson is diverting resources to long-suffering neighborhoods…

The Johnson administration safety plan includes $100 million for violence prevention, massive youth employment and 400 new civilian police positions. But as the mayor implements his strategy, some city leaders have grown restless.

Johnson wants to shower more taxpayer money the city doesn’t have on more failed “violence prevention” programs that will continue to fail more and harder.

What the windy city needs is new leadership that focuses on supporting and funding the police, targeting and prosecuting criminals, and holding them accountable with meaningful prison sentences. Paying off “justice-impacted individuals” – A.K.A. criminals$200 a day to some how “prevent violence” isn’t a realistic solution to the gang violence that’s been running rampant in the Second City for decades now.

If only Chicago’s political leadership emphasized personal responsibility, protecting law-abiding citizens and lawful gun ownership for self-defense instead of more failed vote-buying programs. But that’s just crazy talk.

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    1. You’d think WorldStar was started and run by the klan. Alas, this is how they live and they don’t see anything wrong with it.

      1. What is going to be fun is when they realize racist sexist and nazi are no longer insults that shut anyone down anymore. If anything it just shows ability to recognize patterns and process logic…….and I have known more racist sexist nazis who own guns vote for evil republicans/constitutional conservatives and believe in Jesus who happen to come in more colors and speak more languages than all of my coworkers for New York State government combined. Going to be really bad if they try to push a vax mandate next plandemic.

        1. Do you know one of those you mention(sexist, nazi, or racist) who has committed any crime related to the label? Why didn’t the previous vax mandate cause any trouble with these groups? These groups didn’t just appear, they’ve been here longer than you have. It’s like saying Trump is going to bring fascism if elected, even tho he did none of that the first time in office. By the way, it’s NOT illegal to be any of those things you list(sexist, nazi, or racist), just not very popular with the masses.

    2. I travel to Cozumel a few times a year, and the locals hate it when the Carnival cruise ships arrive. I cannot repeat here what the local vendors, waiters, and bartenders think about blacks. However, it is funny to hear them say it.

      1. Go anywhere in the world, it’s kind of awakening to see how much a group is disliked EVERYWHERE. Some people will never see how good they have it here in the USA.

  1. Why Does One City Account for More Than a Third of America’s Holiday Weekend Homicides? Democrat policies of the last 60 years have obliterated the black family, there are no father figures, ther is no belief in anything but gov’t programs that exacerbate the problem. Defund the police, don’t hold police accountable, NIMBY, Biden, societal decay, need I go on?!

  2. Every problem can be solved with government money. That’s right!!! There is absolutely no evil that cannot be eradicated, there is no evil that can survive a substantial infusion of government cash. Just look at the Chicago public school system. For decades, the graduation rate was among the worst in the nation. Reading scores red-lined near the lowest percentile. Math scores rivaled those of 3rd-world, poverty-stricken nations. BUT…..

    as soon as the spending per student soared to the highest in the nation ( at over $20k per student), the graduation rate rose to near 100%. Every graduating senior progressed on to Yale, Havard, Oxford, and Cambridge. The crime rate among you adults plummeted to near zero. All thanks to government money.

    Man, those are good drugs.

    1. If you teach slaves how to read and take care of themselves, and their communities, then they’re no longer slaves.

      1. And the democrat party has been pissed at the republicans ever since they freed the slaves. They just live on a different kind of plantation today. It’s called the government plantation and the democrats have managed to convinced them they’ll never be able to live or prosper without the party as their Massa’s.

  3. in the greater picture, murders AND (all) other crimes in democrat run cities, collectively, is more than 87% greater than in, collectively, those cities not democrat run.

  4. Nobody really wants to know the answer to that question. It raises the issue of genetics versus environment — an honest look at the situation favors the former more than the latter.

    1. We’re all products of our culture or environment. Nonmarital birth rates and single parent households spiked for everyone in the 60s. Every problem the black family suffers from, other races suffer from as well. The difference is that black families were already in a worse position when the cultural revolution of the 60s was thrust upon us. Prior to this, nonmarital birth rates for blacks were near 20%, while the the white rate was in the low single digits.

      The revolution of the 60s inflicted extreme harm on white families, but it decimated black families. Democrats have been using black people ever since as a farm for growing votes. They will fight any change to this setup tooth and nail.

      1. Wrong. White communities suffer from the same issues, but there is not near the same level of violence.

        1. Like I said, all families suffer from the same issues, but not to the same degree. We had very different beginning points. Furthermore, white culture and black culture are different. They’ve been growing apart instead of together since the 60s. Degenerate violent culture has been promoted to blacks for decades. They’re also ostracized when they try to educate themselves because that means they’re “acting white.” A different form of degenerate culture is now infecting whites more (alphabet culture). They’re trying to weaken all of us, any way they can.

          If you grow up with everyone telling you that you’ll never amount to anything because of your skin color, then why would you try to be something that you’re told you can never be? They assume they won’t live long. They assume they can never make it as a professional or legitimate business person. Their schools graduate them without teaching them basic math and writing skills. Why would anyone be shocked when they grow up to be violent criminals?

          1. The biggest lie in the world is “we’re all the same.” Until we face up to the fact that is a lie, we will not solve any of these problems.

          2. We are alike. We’re all human beings and children of God. Forgetting that is what allows destructive ideologies, like Nazism or Marxism, to take hold.

          3. You are both correct and showing the weakness of each school of thought. There is no easy correct answer beyond making everyone live by the same set of rules and having the same rights while ridiculing any who seek to sow division.

          4. Decades of affirmative action, Head Start and other educational programs, trillions in welfare, all a failure, suggest otherwise. It’s time to start questioning our basic assumptions.

            By the way, good luck with your DEI doctor.

          5. “all a failure, suggest otherwise”

            Of course the programs are a failure. What do you mean suggest otherwise? The government programs have done the opposite of what they promised to do. I never suggested otherwise. Black people were making amazing strides prior to the legislative and cultural changes of the mid to late 60s. I’m very familiar with many decades of data, as well as the context of that data. You should look into it. It will probably blow your mind.

            What helped them to lower their poverty rate at a record pace prior to the major changes of the 60s? Capitalism and a different culture, including family life.

          6. Awesome. I agree. Let’s go back to the 50s. Bring back freedom of association. Repeal the Civil Rights Act. Repeal the Immigration Act of 1965. I agree wholeheartedly!

          7. The student must learn what is being taught. Maybe I am giving too much credit to the teachers and the curriculum but reading and math at grade level shouldn’t be difficult unless there is a student brain power deficiency. Are there any common, recurring themes existing in low performing schools?

        2. you do know that until 1964 black people were not even allowed to drink from the same water fountains? if you believe that recent history no effect not sure what to say. anyway racism is obviously still here based on your comments lol!

          1. I understand the sentiment, but as it turned out, forcing people who don’t like you to share a water fountain with you is NOT the key to success. Six decades worth of data proves this.

        3. Johnny are you trolling or just willfully blind? How can you say whites and blacks face the same issues? Did whites suffer salvers, jim crow, and explicit segregation? No. Black people were forced into part time schooling, back of the bus, separate and not equal facilities and more until 1964. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude what will happen when two groups are treated differently because of racist laws.

  5. Chicago has been run by crooks (besides the politicians, that is) since the turn of the last century. When the feds finally busted up the Mafia in the 70’s, the power vacuum has been filled by the black and hispanic gangs, and those gangs have most of the aldermen in their pocket.
    Those bought and paid for aldermen protect the gangs and, especially the leaders.
    That’s why the shootings are out of hand.

  6. The symbiotic dependency between the drug gangs and the Chicago political structure is a major problem for that city, but it is the deliberate decisions of the D / Uniparty there to end cash bail, not charge or prosecute crimes even when there is video to prove them, and to release those few who are convicted ASAP, on probation, parole, or electronic monitors, to enable them to continue their crime sprees. Those elected are doing what their donors gave paid them to do. Create fear, chaos, and panic, to make the MSM call for a change to a direct totalitarian government that the “donor class” can be in charge of. These are our enemies.

  7. I trying to think of any social problem that solved itself, without being addressed. This problem will NEVER be solved, because NOBODY dares to mention it.
    I think reparations might just be a good idea. If somebody hates the US, and blames it, (and the majority population) for their overall misfortune, than give them $1M to leave. If you want back in, the price should be repayment of the reparations, and exemption from any “social” government programs in the future. Everywhere else HAS to be better than here, right?
    I’ve traveled, to Europe for vacation, but Asia, and the middle east for business, and have seen first hand how the WORLD treats people. More people NEED to visit Europe, especially eastern Europe. Some people should just skip the middle east.
    Comparing time abroad in our military does NOT count. Being a service member, and being a tourist are two very different things, and really are not comparable.
    Leave racism out of it.

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