China Shows Off Their Machine-Gun Toting Robodogs

bullpup robodog

What round does one employ to deal with rifle-toting robotic dogs? That’s now a question after China shows off their robotic military “dog” that sports a carbine rifle.  The armed “robodog” made its public appearance in Cambodia, a nation that doesn’t enjoy Second Amendment rights like the good old US of A. Should tyrannical authorities […]

Tucker Carlson: I Always Carry a Gun as a ‘Statement of Autonomy’

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has come in for a lot of criticism in recent months, but he managed to hit the nail on the head about guns and gun rights at a recent event. A clip below shows Carlson saying he carries a gun “all the time.” When asked if he was carrying at that moment, his […]

GUN CONTROL FAIL: Attempted Assassination in Slovakia, Prison Break in France

What happens when you disarm the good people?  Criminal and terrorist bullies get to run roughshod over the little people.  Moreover, governments can turn tyrannical without too much fear from the general populace.  And the world gets to see high-profile crimes.  Like an attempted assassination in Slovakia and a violent prison transport breakout in France.  […]

Fifth Graders on a Field Trip Find a Gun in a Rock Island, Illinois PD Jail Cell

‘Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult. Those are the four gun safety steps all young people should learn in dealing with any firearm they may inadvertently encounter “in the wild.”  Fifth graders on a field trip to the Rock Island, Illinois police department never dreamed they’d come across a gun in the […]

Personal Defense Tip: Make Malfunction Clearing Part of Your Regular Range Routine

malfunction clearning drill range train

It seems as though almost everyone loves semi-auto pistols these days, particularly for self-defense applications. Greater carry capacity and faster, less complicated reloads have made them very appealing to average people defending themselves from bad people with evil in their hearts. Of course, Hollywood has done their part as well. If you doubt that, when […]