GUN CONTROL FAIL: Attempted Assassination in Slovakia, Prison Break in France

What happens when you disarm the good people?  Criminal and terrorist bullies get to run roughshod over the little people.  Moreover, governments can turn tyrannical without too much fear from the general populace.  And the world gets to see high-profile crimes.  Like an attempted assassination in Slovakia and a violent prison transport breakout in France.  […]

Fifth Graders on a Field Trip Find a Gun in a Rock Island, Illinois PD Jail Cell

‘Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult. Those are the four gun safety steps all young people should learn in dealing with any firearm they may inadvertently encounter “in the wild.”  Fifth graders on a field trip to the Rock Island, Illinois police department never dreamed they’d come across a gun in the […]

Personal Defense Tip: Make Malfunction Clearing Part of Your Regular Range Routine

malfunction clearning drill range train

It seems as though almost everyone loves semi-auto pistols these days, particularly for self-defense applications. Greater carry capacity and faster, less complicated reloads have made them very appealing to average people defending themselves from bad people with evil in their hearts. Of course, Hollywood has done their part as well. If you doubt that, when […]

New York Bill Would Outlaw GLOCKs, Most Semi-Automatic Pistols

When gun control advocates say they want “gun safety legislation” they are lying. Plain and simple. Their goal is to outlaw civilian gun ownership. Sadly for them the Second Amendment stands in their path to gun-free nirvana. Their latest political scheme? New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie — who authored New York’s ‘nuisance’ law that’s […]

Maxine Waters: Gun Owners Training ‘Up In the Hills’ To Attack If Biden Loses

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters, the elderly, unhinged gun control doyenne once tried to foment violence and insurrection against the Donald Trump administration not so long ago. Now, the same 85-year-old race-baiter who urged people to attack Trump supporters is now claiming that right wing groups (a.k.a. gun owners) will target “people of color” communities if Biden loses […]