Maine’s ‘Gun Safety Coalition’ Negligently Fires Musket During Gun Turn-In

Image courtesy Maine Gun Safety Coalition

Maine’s so-called “Gun Safety Coalition” claims it educates people on how to safely store a gun, among other things.  We all know their idea of “gun safety” is to disregard your personal safety and the proven benefits of firearm ownership by simply not having any guns around.  Nevertheless, they’re apparently experts in safe gun handling and storage of guns.

Perhaps it’s time for a refresher course in how to safely handle a firearm after a negligent discharge that occurred at their gun “buyback” this past weekend. Or maybe they should let actual experts handle the guns.

Either way, avoiding Maine Gun Safety Coalition events where they fondle firearms they’re unfamiliar with might be the average person’s best course of action to ensure their personal safety.

These self-appointed gun safety experts fired off a round from a rifle during a gun turn-in event in Orchard Beach, Maine. It seems they were in too much of a hurry to render the gun inoperable.

Frankly it’s a miracle nobody was killed or seriously injured after these “gun safety experts” tried to saw a black powder rifle in half. Turns out the rifle was fully loaded at the time.  No one thought to make sure it was clear before firing up the saw.

Sparks plus gunpowder caused a chemical reaction we all know and love. While no people or canines suffered serious injury or death, a couple of cars nearby weren’t so lucky.

The Maine Wire has the dirty details . . .

One of Maine’s primary gun control advocate groups, the Maine Gun Safety Coalition, oversaw a gun-giveback program on Saturday at local police departments throughout southern Maine.

Despite the focus on gun safety, contractors working with MGSC and the Old Orchard Beach Police Department failed to practice basic gun safety when they attempted to saw a loaded blackpowder rifle, which led to the negligent discharge of the firearm.

Luckily, instead of injuring any bystanders, the musket round instead damaged two vehicles.

“As one of the firearms was being cut the weapon discharged expelling a round through the barrel. The round was found to have struck two unoccupied vehicles within the parking lot,” the Old Orchard Beach Police Department told the Maine Wire.

Maybe the Old Orchard Beach Police Department needs to stick to issuing parking tickets there in Mayberry and quit trying to take guns from the hands of their local residents.

After all, “gun safety experts” don’t stop bad people with evil in their hearts. The only thing that does that is a good guy with a gun.

SNW 4 four rules of gun safety

4 Responses

  1. As with cleaning, be sure your musket is unloaded before sawing it into a SBM.

    I’m sure their takeaway is “see how dangerous guns are, people just leave them loaded and can’t be trusted!”

  2. So were they charged?

    If not then why not? Make it a good lie, or you can just tell us the truth… That the justice system in this country is two tiered and the folks trying to snatch freedom, aka leftists, aka, commies, don’t get charged, only the people wanting to keep their freedoms get charged.

    Not too obvious today.

  3. No one needs a musket. These outdated, dangerous and heavy firearms have no place in America. As proven in the late 1700s and mid-1800s, these are weapons of war, not covered by the Second Amendment. The only purpose of muskets is to inflict death and irreparable damage to other humans, and little creatures in the forests and fields.

  4. I know it’s wrong, but I’m a bit disappointed that the bullet didn’t hit a gun-grabber. “Flesh wound” only, of course. 🙂

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