BREAKING: Texas Governor Abbott Pardons Daniel Perry After Murder Conviction, Restores His Gun Rights

Sgt. Daniel Perry conviction murder Austin Black Lives Matter
Daniel Perry reacts after being sentenced to 25 years for the murder of Garrett Foster at the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday May 10, 2023. Perry was convicted of murder in April for killing Foster during a Black Lives Matter protest in July 2020. (Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a full pardon for Daniel Perry, the former US Army Sergeant who shot and killed an armed Black Lives Matter “protester” who’d pointed a rifle at him after a mob blockaded his car during a protest in downtown Austin in 2020. Abbott signed the pardon after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles exhaustively investigated the case and unanimously recommended the pardon.

Perry was convicted after Austin’s Soros-funded prosecutor, Travis County DA Jose Garza, conducted what many saw as a malicious prosecution to assuage his hard-left constituency. That’s left Perry in prison for over a year since the guilty verdict, but his nightmare is about to end.

Even better, Gov. Abbott also restored Perry’s Second Amendment rights as part of the pardon. Bravo!

Austin’s KXAN has the story:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he granted a full pardon to the man convicted of shooting and killing a Black Lives Matter protester following a recommendation issued Thursday.

Abbott quickly signed a proclamation after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously to grant a full pardon and restore gun rights to Daniel Perry, a former Army sergeant found guilty of murder by a jury in April 2023 and later sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In a statement Thursday, Abbott said, “The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles conducted an exhaustive review of U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Perry’s personal history and the facts surrounding the July 2020 incident and recommended a Full Pardon and Restoration of Full Civil Rights of Citizenship. Among the voluminous files reviewed by the Board, they considered information provided by the Travis County District Attorney, the full investigative report on Daniel Perry, plus a review of all the testimony provided at trial. Texas has one of the strongest ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney. I thank the Board for its thorough investigation, and I approve their pardon recommendation.”

Perry admitted to shooting Garrett Foster while driving an Uber in downtown Austin during a demonstration in 2020. Foster was armed at the time, and Perry’s attorneys argued the shooting was in self-defense.

We won’t have to wait long for the screeching and caterwauling from the hard-left and their allies in the mainstream media over the pardon. The liberal tears will flow freely in the coming days.

Oh wait, they already have. DA\ Garza has already opened his piehole in response, issuing an outraged press release.

Also from the KXAN story . . .

“The Board and the Governor have put their politics over justice and made a mockery of our legal system. They should be ashamed of themselves,” Garza said. “Their actions are contrary to the law and demonstrate that there are two classes of people in this state where some lives matter and some lives do not. They have sent a message to Garrett Foster’s family, to his partner, and to our community that his life does not matter. They have sent the message that the service of the Travis County community members who served on the grand jury and trial jury does not matter. To the family and friends of Garrett Foster, and to the people of Travis County, we will not stop fighting for justice.”

Texas AG Ken Paxton has already fired back:

“Americans across the country have been watching this case in Texas and praying for justice after BLM riots terrorized the nation in 2020,” Paxton wrote. “Our right to self-defense is enshrined in the Constitution. Soros-backed prosecutors like Jose Garza do not get to pick and choose the rights we have as Americans, and I am relieved that justice has prevailed.”

Here’s a video interview conducted with Garrett Foster, the man who threatened Sgt. Perry with an AK rifle as Perry sat in his car. Clearly Foster was looking for a confrontation. He admitted that if he pointed the gun at cops he was dead. But he thought he could point it at a terrified motorist to intimidate them without consequence.

He thought wrong.

Here’s another video that sort of captures the scene at the time of the defensive shooting.

No doubt Perry would probably be wise to settle somewhere outside of Austin. There’s little doubt some of the Antifa/BLM community will do what they can to make his life miserable – at best.

Congratulations Sgt. Perry on your release. Settle in a small town somewhere and live a good life.

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  1. “No doubt Perry would probably be wise to settle somewhere outside of Austin. There’s little doubt some of the Antifa/BLM community will do what they can to make his life miserable – at best.”

    He needs to wear a body cam, since one of those assholes will try and goad him into defending himself…

    1. I’ve noticed some people wearing shirts with chest pockets and inserting their phones in them backwards with the camera lens peeking out just above the pocket’s top edge, pointing forward. Not a bad idea in a pinch.

  2. Awesome. Just great news! F*ing commie got what he deserved. If I remember correctly, Perry used a .357 revolver. Even more awesome.

  3. Great news. The fact that the APD hotshots reviewed the evidence and found it was a good shoot (evidence Garza withheld from the grand jury) as did the prior DA tells you what’s going on.

    Garza is grade Z pond scum. But he’s what Austin voters want.

    1. Why did it have to take long enough for him so spend over a year in prison? That seems severely messed up.

      1. Texas Gov can’t issue a pardon unless / until the board of Pardons and Parole recommends it. They have their own procedures and timelines.

        I’m not Gov. Abbott’s biggest fan, but he did ask them to expedite this before Perry was sentenced, so not much more he could do.

        1. Thanks for the explanation. It sounds like he did this right, and other people were dragging their feet.

  4. Texas has one of the strongest ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney.

    Yet he was tried and convicted. What am I missing here? It looks like self-defense laws can be nullified by a jury or a DA. Luckily, the court’s decision can be nullified by the governor.

    The person who should have been sitting in prison is the mayor. This nonsense was happening across the country because Democrats encouraged and incentivized this behavior. They could have nipped it in the bud, but they wanted this. Of course they had to go after anyone who stood up for themselves.

    1. Liberal/progressive democrat prosecutor in a heavily democrat city in fear of BLM reprisals unless they convicted him. nuff said.

      1. I’m confused. Wasn’t the dead person aiming a rifle at the Srgt. Perry? What was the prosecutor’s legal argument that shooting a person aiming a rifle at you is a homicide? I understand that shooting someone meeting the elements of the crime of murder but isn’t there a slam dunk self defense argument? What happened?

        1. Here was Perry’s problem: he talked to police and this is what he said: “”I believe he was going to aim it at me … I didn’t want to give him a chance to aim at me, you know.” Lethal force is only justified if you are in imminent danger of great bodily harm or death. Imminent. Someone open carrying a rifle does not put anyone in imminent danger.

          1. That wasn’t just someone open carrying. The context was an angry mob surrounding and attacking his car. Aggressive, wannabe intimidator AK bandit guy was with the mob. He was obviously in fear of his life. This was a mob of low IQ drones whipped into a frenzy by Democrats because of “racism.”

            Every single influential person that supported the George Floyd lie is responsible for this death and dozens of others. People had to die so they could mobilize the low IQ crowd to show up and vote for a senile puppet. None of them lost a second of sleep over it.

          2. Speaking of low IQ drones whipped into a frenzy by Lefties over a lie about racism…Recall me mentioning the attacks on churches in Canada the other day? This two minute video that dropped yesterday explains it. Why would anyone still trust the MSM? They’ve been caught lying about every major story of the past eight years.


          3. The video of the scene showed that Foster leveled his rifle at Perry, and per the video embedded above Foster’s stated intent was to use the rifle to intimidate others — not for self protection. And do not forget, Foster was already breaking the law at the time (unlawful assembly, false imprisonment, etc.)

            The top APD detectives investigated and found it was a good shoot (or at least there was more than enough reasonable doubt not to warrant charges). Prior DA similarly did not prosecute. Garza may have violated the law by withholding that testimony from the grand jury.

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