Flowers: Hunter Biden Didn’t Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

hunter biden

It’s one thing to find within ourselves a well of empathy and try and put ourselves in their places. It’s fine to hope that someone who has fallen into the depths of addiction will be able to claw her way out into the light, and stay there for the rest of her life. But when […]

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Found Guilty on All Charges

Color us surprised. While the facts in the case against Hunter Biden were incontrovertible, prosecuting him in Delaware seemed to have tilted the tables in his favor. All it took was one juror in the President’s home state to decide they wouldn’t vote to convict. Or so we thought. After three hours of deliberation, though, […]

Nashville Transgender Killer’s Manifesto Is Exactly What Everyone Expected It To Be

Audrey Hale Covenant School killer

When Audrey Hale opened fire in a Nashville Christian church elementary school last March she was almost immediately identified as a transgender male. Hale murdered three nine-year-olds and three adults before Nashville police shot and killed her. Speculation about the motive for the shooting centered on her identity and her wish to identify as a […]

After Felony Conviction SAF Says They’ll Defend Donald Trump’s Gun Rights

Trump felony carry permit

The New York City Police Department is preparing to revoke former President Donald Trump’s license to carry a gun, a senior police official tells CNN — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) June 5, 2024 The Second Amendment Foundation has announced it will defend former President Donald Trump’s gun rights in the wake of his conviction […]

Why Gun Owners are Conflicted Over the Trial of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden trial

By Jill McDaniel While Hunter Biden clearly violated the law when he lied about his drug use on a background check form when he bought a gun in 2018, it may surprise people that there are two perspectives regarding the trial right now within the Second Amendment community. Side A: Hunter shouldn’t be charged because […]

Joe Biden Stands Behind Hunter’s Gun Rights, But Tramples Yours

President Joe Biden has stated his son “did nothing wrong,” yet Hunter Biden now is on trial for lying on a federal Form 4473 when he bought a Colt revolver in 2018, and then committing the second crime of being a drug addict in possession of a firearm. “Joe evidently wants to protect his son’s […]