Gang Violence, Not Gun Violence: Akron Shooting Spree Sees 24 Wounded, 1 Dead

Crime scene shooting
Screen cap by Boch via YouTube.

Gang violence, not “gun violence,” drives most violent crime across America. Along those lines, Akron police have made no arrests in the aftermath of a shooting spree in that city that wounded two dozen and left one dead. Interestingly, the mainstream media conveniently buried the “gang violence” angle. Even the New York Times briefly mentioned the gang angle before “refreshing” their story to omit that inconvenient aspect of what happened .

Cops were “exploring the possibility that the shooting was gang-related?” You don’t say. Here’s coverage from News 5 Cleveland . . .

If you don’t want to click over to YouTube to watch, the video shows the aftermath of the incident including lots of evidence markers for the shell casings, to say nothing of plenty of booze bottles and fireworks mortars.


Screen capture by Boch via YouTube
Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

If Akron is like most American cities, standing out in the street swilling cheap hooch and cranking off fireworks is generally frowned upon.

Here’s the Akron Beacon Journal’s take on the incident . . .

At least one person is dead and 24 others are wounded in a mass shooting just after midnight Sunday at a large outdoor party at Kelly and 8th avenues in Akron.

A 27-year-old man died in the incident, according to a news release from the Akron Police Department. According to a spokesman from Summa Health, he was dead when he reached the hospital.

According to spokespeople from Cleveland Clinic Akron General and Akron City, one patient at each hospital was listed in critical condition.

Akron Police Capt. Michael Miller said he was not aware of any arrests in connection to the shooting, and preliminary investigations indicate this was a targeted incident.

No arrests. “A targeted incident.” Why the reticence to call this what it really is? Gang violence.

The answer is simple: politicians would have to hold offenders accountable and they’ve made the decision not to do that. Democrats running these cities do everything they can to avoid putting black and brown people in prison. It’s easier — and more politically palatable for them — to blame the guns instead of the people who commit crimes with them.


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  1. No accountability – regardless of what the “leaders” of the city say or do this will continue. Any city that has a DIRECTOR OF DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION is doomed to failure because they are making decisions based on nonsense.

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