Training: Learn the Essential, Foundational Skills, Then Build On Them

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One of the trends I saw towards the end of Handgun Combatives (as a training company) was an increased interest in foundational level courses. “Foundational” should not be viewed as “basic,” something many ill-informed combative shooters seem to do due to their desire to be seen as more “advanced.” The reason I avoid the word […]

Home VR Training: ACE Virtual Shooting

[This is the second of a four-part series on virtual reality training programs. You can read part one here.] ACE Virtual Shooting (formerly known as ACE XR and previously reviewed here) is a handgun marksmanship and competition simulator for the Meta Quest VR platform. The heart of the ACE system has been their Arctus handset, […]

Home VR Firearms Training Is Finally Getting Ready for Prime Time – Part 1

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My first exposure to virtual reality headsets was back in the early 1990’s. While attending the Comdex computer trade show in Las Vegas, a hot topic of attendee conversation was a VR arcade game, a FPP shooter called Dactyl Nightmare made by a UK company (Virtuality) being demoed at Ceasar’s Palace.     The dedicated […]

Try Something New: I Picked Up a HK Pistol to Train With for the First Time

Last month, I wrote about The Mingle training event I attended in north Georgia. As I mentioned in that article, I decided to leave my own firearms at home and rent an HK pistol with a Holosun optic for the weekend. What better opportunity to spend some time running an HK while shooting a red […]

Reality Check: Just Having a Gun Isn’t Enough in Today’s America

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“Well, I have a gun, so I think I’m ready.” Such was the response of one gentleman during a recent group conversation regarding the potential for civil unrest, a la the summer of 2020 when America’s cities were burned in a “mostly peaceful” manner. Sadly, that’s not the first time I have heard such a […]

The Fighting Shotgun: A Tool for Professionals, Not Amateurs

In September of 2019, several armed men, dressed in black, broke into a home outside of Houston. One of the residents ran for cover and the other grabbed a shotgun and exchanged gunfire with the home invaders. The score of the encounter: one resident wounded, three felons DOA. Apparently the homeowner hadn’t read any articles […]

Give Me 5: Trainer and Competitor Todd Fletcher

Todd Fletcher

Todd Fletcher is a multi-disciplined firearms trainer, writer and competitive shooter Todd Fletcher. He’s the owner of Combative Firearms Training and an IDPA and USPSA competitive shooter.  1. We want to know more about you. Please give us a glimpse into your journey with firearms. I have over 30 years of law enforcement experience, including […]

Give Me 5: Retired Cop and Tactical Instructor Lou Ann Hamblin

Lou Ann Hamblin

Lou Ann Hamblin is a retired police officer, instructor and partner of LouKa Tactical Training (which is celebrating 25 years) among many other distinctions.; 1. We want to know more about you. Please give us a glimpse into your journey with firearms. I am a retired police officer serving 22 years in the state of […]

Pro Tip: Don’t Confuse Skill Building With Armed Self-Defense

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By Dave Spaulding A few years ago, I was teaching a combative pistol course to a group of law enforcement professionals and legally armed citizens. Although many instructors call basic handgun skills “fundamentals,” I prefer to use the word “essentials” since shooters must have these skills to use a handgun for their personal security. I […]

Training and Experience: 75 Women Shoot at the 8th Annual ‘The Mingle’

This past weekend, I attended The Mingle: Openness to Experience in North Georgia, an annual event (the eighth) hosted by The Complete Combatant. This is an invite-only, two-day event for women in the firearms industry filled with training, delicious food and invaluable networking (aka mingling).  First, a little information about Shelley Hill, the mastermind behind […]