SOTG University Announces Upcoming Travel Schedule

Student of the Gun University

Student of the Gun University has announced their upcoming travel training calendar on SOTGU offers pistol, rifle, and shotgun training courses as well as their signature High Elevation Precision Rifle program. Specialty programs include the Legion of Michael Church Security course, the Beyond the Boo Boo Traumatic Medical training program, as well as an intensive Instructor Development Course.

“The summer training schedule is coming to a close soon and we are looking to the future.” said Jarrad Markel, COO of Student of the Gun. “We are partnering with numerous ranges and training facilities to bring our programs to as many people as we can. During the fall of 2024 and into winter and spring of 2025 we will be traveling to the west, the east and the center of the country with live courses in Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas to name a few.” 

Student of the Gun University

Those interested in collegiate level training programs, many of which incorporate both distance learning and residency, are encouraged to go to and book a seat today. 


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