Gunsite Pro Shop Now Stocking Paul Markel’s Student of the Gun Books

“It’s been over twenty years since my first visit to Gunsite as well as my first time shopping at the famous (at least for gun people) Pro Shop. I am humbled and gratified that Student of the Gun books are now being offered there.” said Paul Markel; author, Small Arms & Tactics Instructor and founder of Student of the Gun.

For those who have not been to Paulden, Arizona and passed below the raven for a while, Gunsite has a brand new, more spacious Pro Shop. Under the leadership of Ken Campbell, Gunsite has seen many improvements and expansion of the onsite curriculum as well as remote training opportunities.

If you have yet to make the trip to the Arizona desert or if you have but want to treat yourself to unique items, you can order online from the Pro Shop. Of course, that is not nearly as gratifying as shopping in person. Among some of the SOTG titles you will find; Beyond the Boo Boo (traumatic medicine), Examining the Armed Citizen, Legion of Michael Church Security manual, and the Precision Rifle Range Book to name a few. 

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