After Felony Conviction SAF Says They’ll Defend Donald Trump’s Gun Rights

Trump felony carry permit

The New York City Police Department is preparing to revoke former President Donald Trump’s license to carry a gun, a senior police official tells CNN — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) June 5, 2024 The Second Amendment Foundation has announced it will defend former President Donald Trump’s gun rights in the wake of his conviction […]

Concealed Carry 101: The Other Gear You Need

taurus on bumper of truck

If the first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun, maybe the second should be to have the necessary accessories. That may sound a little odd, but you might be surprised just how vital certain carry gear can be. Concealed carry is about more than just holstering up and going about your day. […]

The Days Of ‘Concealed Means Concealed’ Increasingly Coming to an End

As a gun owner in Florida, I grew up with the mantra, “concealed means concealed.” Meaning that if a place banned the carrying of firearms, but is legal under the law, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. That was the way things were (and still are frequently) done. I recall plenty of places that […]

Tucker Carlson: I Always Carry a Gun as a ‘Statement of Autonomy’

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has come in for a lot of criticism in recent months, but he managed to hit the nail on the head about guns and gun rights at a recent event. A clip below shows Carlson saying he carries a gun “all the time.” When asked if he was carrying at that moment, his […]

Remember the Ideal Conceal .380 ‘Cell Phone’ Gun? [Video Review]

Well that was a novel idea. Ideal Conceal designed this little folding 2-shot 380 ACP derringer to have the same footprint as a typical smartphone when the grip is folded up over the trigger guard area. Unfortunately for the now-defunct Ideal Conceal company, even when folded the thing really isn’t any easier to carrier than, […]

Gun Review: Beretta 21A Bobcat Micro-Sized Automatic

Beretta 21A Bobcat .25 ACP

Beretta makes a great many famous firearms. Their 92FS became the M9 and served the United States military for decades. The Beretta 1301 is the current cool kid in the shotgun world, and their numerous double guns occupy the hands of working men, aristocrats, and royalty. And let’s not forgget they created the first SMG, […]

Lott: As Reported and Nonreported Crime Rises, More People Are Carrying

crime scene tape in building with blurred forensic team background

While the rate of reported violent crime fell 2.1% between 2021 and 2022, the National Crime Victimization Survey shows that total violent crime—reported and nonreported—rose from 16.5 incidents to 23.5 per 1,000 people. Nonreported violent crime in 2022 exceeded the 2015-19 average by more than 17%. Data reflect the scant consequences criminals face. During 2022 in cities with more […]

Bruen Marches On: PA Adults Under 21 Can Now Apply For Carry Permits

concealed carry

From SAF: The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania has handed a significant victory to the Second Amendment Foundation and young adults in the 18-20-year age group, allowing them to apply for concealed carry licenses in the state, while enjoining the state from arresting any law-abiding citizens in that age group for […]