SAF Sues California, Challenging Its New 11% Excise Tax on Guns and Ammunition

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The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn California’s recently-adopted 11 percent excise tax on the sale of firearms, gun parts and ammunition. The case was filed in San Diego County Superior Court. Joining SAF are the California Rifle & Pistol Association, National Rifle Association, Firearms Policy Coalition and two private citizens, […]

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge to Illinois ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban…Yet

AR-15 rifle muzzle devices

Earlier today, the Supreme Court denied cert in Barnett v. Raoul, a case challenging Illinois’ “assault weapons” ban and magazine capacity limit. And while that’s disappointing, it’s not entirely unexpected. The application for cert was made as part of an appeal for a preliminary injunction blocking the law…but the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals hasn’t […]

What Exactly Was Decided in the P320 Verdict Against SIG SAUER?

You may have heard about a recent jury verdict against SIG SAUER. If you haven’t, a federal court in Georgia awarded $2.3 million to Robert Lang who asserted – depending on which of his statements you read – that his P320 pistol either: 1) went off by itself, 2) was influenced by an unknown foreign […]

Highland Park Shooting Victim’s Family Sues Smith & Wesson, Bud’s Guns

highland park shooting

A family of one of the seven victims killed in the Highland Park July 4th Parade shooting in 2022 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer of the guns used in the shooting. The family of Eduardo Uvalde, a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, is suing Smith & Wesson, the maker of the M&P […]

Understanding What the Loper Bright and Jarkesy Regulatory Earthquake Means for Gun Owners

Supreme Court

As Dan posted yesterday, the Supreme Court has decided Loper Bright v. Raimondo, and in so doing has officially overruled and destroyed the doctrine of Chevron deference. Under Chevron, federal courts were severely handcuffed when evaluating federal agencies’ interpretations of federal law. Loper Bright followed the Court’s decision the day before in SEC v. Jarkesy, which […]

Delaware Changing Definition of “Firearm”

Much to the surprise of the Shooting News Weekly team, it turns out that Delaware is one step closer to changing its legal definition of a “firearm” to encompass fewer projectile-launching contraptions rather than more. Tweaking it from effectively any weapon that expels a projectile to only those that do so via means of gunpowder […]

California’s Broader Protection Orders Likely Won’t Stand Up, Even After Rahimi

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The [Rahimi] decision, however, does not validate all restraining order statutes. Consider, for instance, California Code of Civil Procedure § 527.6; that statute authorizes “harassment restraining orders” based on “clear and convincing evidence” of “harassment,” which includes not just “unlawful violence” or “a credible threat of violence,” but also (emphasis added) a knowing and willful course […]