Giffords Claims a Lack of Gun Control Has Made Texas More Violent

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We’ve heard it all before. Every time the gun rights ball is moved forward even a little bit, the anti-gun crowd makes the same hysterical arguments: Blood will run in the streets! Why? Because they think that gun control laws limits on where people can carry firearms are the only things keeping people from killing […]

How Social Media Rewards Anti-Gun Ignorance

In a recernt Twitter we noted Senator Ben Cardin, who represents Maryland, did what politicians do with alarming regularity. He said something incredibly stupid. In public. For all the world to see. You can see the tweet above, which, after much ridicule has been deleted from the Senator’s Twitter account. What’s once again obvious here […]

Good News: Anti-Gun Pseudo-Science Getting Reality-Checked More Often


When it comes to America’s Gun Control Industry pushing for more gun control, there’s just not much in the way of fact-based discourse to back it. So, instead of relying on facts and data, they cook the books. Statistics? They bury anything that isn’t good for their cause. Then they push feelings when that doesn’t […]

An ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban That Looked Like a Sure Thing Dies in Colorado

AR-15 rifle assault weapon of war

Last month, anti-gun politicians in Colorado were like Anthony Adams, rubbing his hands together in anticipation while peeking out from behind a tree. The prize they had their eyes on? An “assault weapons” ban that looked like it was a sure thing. In a 35 to 27 vote in which no Republicans voted yes and […]

No One is Entitled To Comfort At The Expense Of Others’ Rights

  There are things that make some people uncomfortable for no rational reason, even though they don’t harm them in any way. For some, it’s our cultural or religious background that leads to their discomfort. For others, media figures have told them that something is a problem that really isn’t. There are also all sorts […]

DGU Files: A New Mexico Grandmother Fights Off a Career Criminal

It’s easy to assume that you’re safe at home. After all, you’ve got a locked door with a deadbolt, right? Many people put their gun away when they’re at home, even if they normally carry it just about everywhere else they go. A recent story out of Albuquerque shows us that might not be the […]

On Scammers, The Elderly, and the Laws of Armed Self-Defense

William Brock Loletha Hall shooting

A recent tragedy in Ohio, where an elderly man under attack from online fraudsters killed an innocent woman, can teach us a lot. Not only do we not always know as much as we think we do about a situation, but when we start filling in the gaps and letting our imagination run wild, it […]

Maine Dem Warns Gun Owners to Get Behind Gun Control if They Want to Keep Hunting

Maine Senate President Troy Jackson

Something we see tossed around pretty often in gun control propaganda is the idea of the “reasonable sportsman.” He’s a good man who wears excessive amounts of orange, a hat with ear flaps, and is frequently seen posing with a breakopen shotgun laid awkwardly over his shoulder. Sometimes, he’s also holding a bird or something. […]

When Private Companies Can Torpedo Your Civil Rights

We don’t generally want government getting involved in our private dealings, either business or personal. Why? Because they have a nasty habit of expanding and abusing their power. So we generally don’t clamor for things like forcing businesses to allow concealed carry on their premises, even if that means gun owners are disarmed for a […]