Maine Dem Warns Gun Owners to Get Behind Gun Control if They Want to Keep Hunting

Maine Senate President Troy Jackson

Something we see tossed around pretty often in gun control propaganda is the idea of the “reasonable sportsman.” He’s a good man who wears excessive amounts of orange, a hat with ear flaps, and is frequently seen posing with a breakopen shotgun laid awkwardly over his shoulder. Sometimes, he’s also holding a bird or something. […]

When Private Companies Can Torpedo Your Civil Rights

We don’t generally want government getting involved in our private dealings, either business or personal. Why? Because they have a nasty habit of expanding and abusing their power. So we generally don’t clamor for things like forcing businesses to allow concealed carry on their premises, even if that means gun owners are disarmed for a […]

X Files: Fact-Checking Michigan State Trooper Who Trashed CPL Holders

x-files mulder scully

The Michigan State Police took to X/Twitter to tell the the story of someone who misused a pistol during a road rage incident. Yesterday at about 1:30 PM, some state troopers responded to the scene of an accident on I-94 in Detroit. While they were blocking a lane or doing whatever they were doing to […]

Anti-Gun Meme News: Move Over Ghost Guns, Here Come Zombies Guns

While it’s commonly (and rightly) said that the left can’t meme, sometimes they manage to come up with something catchy that at least resonates with the anti-gun crowd. But, even people with the lowest capacity for critical thinking will get tired of something once it gets to be a cliche and hackneyed. When the “loophole” […]

Canadian Cops’ Advice: Leave Your Keys By The Door For Car Thieves

Intruder home invasion burglar hammer night dark

Facing rising crime including car thefts, the Toronto Police are trying to help families come up with ways to improve safety. But, one of their tips is rightfully getting all of the criticism and mockery it deserves. And more. "Toronto Police advise the public to reduce the risk of home invasions aimed at car theft […]

Where Will Constitutional Carry Pop Up Next?

With the passage and signing of a constitutional carry bill into law in Louisiana, followed by the signing of constitutional carry in South Carolina we’re now at both both a tipping point and running into limits for future growth. First, let’s talk about that tipping point. A couple of years ago, we crossed the threshold […]

Pro Tip: The People Who Print Their Own Guns Aren’t All The Same

Even for people in the gun rights camp, 3D-printed guns can cause a little bit of…hesitation. We want the good guys to have guns, obviously, but when the fentanyl-addicted squatters two doors down have a home-made GLOCK switches and start spraying rounds randomly in the neighborhood, you might start to wonder whether more good people […]