Canadians Are Hyperventilating Over 3D Printed Guns Again

3d printed gun

In the United States, there’s a lot of ginned up panic over “ghost guns.” Politicians from places like New Jersey, California, and Illinois are constantly telling us about how dangerous 3D-printed or otherwise homemade guns are.

The thinking seems to be that criminals and other ne’er-do-wells might more easily get their hands on firearms because there’s no background check if you print or build your own. Plus, they want us to think that a criminal committing a crime like armed robbery or murder would somehow be less afraid to use their gun because it doesn’t have a serial number on it.

What the people who are ranting about “ghost guns” won’t tell you is that they’re deathly afraid of gun control losing laws any practical effect. They know that criminals, by definition, don’t follow laws and that gun control laws don’t really affect criminals that much anyway.

The real target here — as always — is law-abiding citizens who might decide to use guns to protect themselves or resist tyranny. If gun control becomes obsolete and unenforceable, it creates a situation where future tyranny is a lot harder to pull off. For that reason, you see power hungry politicians and their enablers on all sides pushing for bans and limits on homemade guns.

With 3D-printed guns increasingly showing up on the street all over the world, politicians in other countries that already have strict anti-gun laws are in full-on panic mode. They thought they had the situation all locked down. With laws on the books that the U.S. would never accept, and public support for gun control relatively strong, they figured all they had to worry about next was continuing to expand government power and control.

That’s about where Canada is right now. They thought they the whole gun thing pretty much locked down…aside from the the serial failures of their registration and “assault weapons” ban. They just needed to keep the racket going, ratcheting up the limits until they’re as strict as England. But, life (and technology) had other plans for them and the gun-banners aren’t having a great time.

In the video, frightening “ghost guns” are shown while the narrator tells us about how ALERT (the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team) has seen more and more of them. But instead of trying to scare the public into supporting more gun laws that won’t affect 3D printing, the goal this time seems to be to intimidate people and scare them away from even thinking about making their own guns. Not only functional guns, but frames and lower receivers are also considered “prohibited firearms” and they’ll throw you in a cage for a while if you’re caught with one.

After reminding people that they’re extra super double illegal, they then move to the scaremongering part, where fear of criminals getting them are used to scare the anti-gun public into continuing to oppose gun ownership. They really don’t want Canadians to see the futility of gun control, so they have to distract them with fear to keep them from getting a clue.


Then, they go back to reminding people that even possessing the data needed to 3D print a gun is illegal. After all, thoughts are crimes in the Great White North.

Finally, they close with the ominous warning: THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT.


If you click over and view their video on Twitter/X it seems to have backfired, though. Hundreds of people posted links to instructions and plans needed to build a gun at home. Some were pretty straight up about it. Others did things like, “Oh no! How bad and sad it is that all you have to do is go to [insert website] for plans to print a gun!”

It’s only a matter of time until countries like Canada figure out that they’ve already lost the war on guns. For now, though, they refuse to acknowledge that.


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