The Contorted Rahimi Ruling Didn’t Damage Bruen as Anti-Gunners Had Hoped

Supreme Court

Today’s narrow Supreme Court decision in Rahimi failed to produce the damage the anti-gun crowd hoped for against Bruen. The Bruen decision remains intact and will continue to be an important building block necessary to continue winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.  None of the justices in the Bruen majority cast aside the […]

Gun Violence Archive Data Shows Violent Crime Has Skyrocketed Under Biden

Joe Biden flipflops on violent crime rates – sometimes they’re going up, sometimes they’re going down – depending on who is in the audience. He uses two vastly different data sources to create his mixed messages.  Biden cites FBI data when trying to convince voters that crime is not out of control, so they feel […]

The CDC Admits its Latest Anti-Gun Report is Misleading and Full of Holes

Intruder home invasion burglar hammer night dark

Three teenage girls were alone in their Lawrence County, Kentucky home one hot summer day in 2019. Suddenly, a white car pulled up and two men got out. One man started kicking in the front door. The second suspect circled around to the backyard and began breaking out a window with a shovel. The youngest […]

After Felony Conviction SAF Says They’ll Defend Donald Trump’s Gun Rights

Trump felony carry permit

The New York City Police Department is preparing to revoke former President Donald Trump’s license to carry a gun, a senior police official tells CNN — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) June 5, 2024 The Second Amendment Foundation has announced it will defend former President Donald Trump’s gun rights in the wake of his conviction […]

Brutal Machete Attack in Times Square ‘Gun-Free’ Disarmament Zone

Times Square stabbing machete attack

The brutal stabbing of a man in New York City’s Times Square on Thursday underscores the futility of public disarmament, which affects only law-abiding citizens, and proves the proponents of so-called “sensitive zones” are clueless, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said. Several news agencies reported the incident, indicating three […]

The Human Cost of ATF’s Zero Tolerance ‘Enhanced’ Regulatory Enforcement

Russell Fincher's Triple G Firearms

Russell Fincher needed three jobs just to provide for his family in Joe Biden’s economy. He taught high school history, served as a Baptist minister and sold guns and ammunition out of a small shed in the backyard of his Tuskahoma, Oklahoma home. Somehow, he also found time to coach a winning Little League team.  […]

Why are Democrats Working So Hard to Outlaw Body Armor?

Warbird Body Armor

New York Democratic Congresswoman Grace Meng apparently wants to make it easier for criminals to shoot you. Meng has reintroduced legislation – for the third time – that would ban civilian body armor if it can defeat rifle ammunition.  Meng’s bill, H.R. 3247, which is titled the “Aaron Salter, Jr., Responsible Body Armor Possession Act,” […]

Pro-Gun Safe Storage Non-Profit Seeks a Secure Funding Source

Hold My Guns Sarah Joy Albrecht

The small Pennsylvania-based nonprofit Hold My Guns describes itself as “for gun owners, by gun owners.” Its mission is to “connect responsible firearm owners with voluntary firearms storage, through our national network of partnering FFLs, during times of mental health crisis or personal need.” The process is simple. If a gun owner wants to securely […]