Army CID Investigating Missing M1911A1 Pistols From Civilian Marksmanship Program

CMP M1911A1

What happens when guns disappear from military facilities? Uncle Sam doesn’t like it when his guns go walkies. So when a growing number of 1911A1 pistols kept turning up missing from the Civilian Marksmanship Program in Anniston, Alabama — which is technically a military facility — the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division decided to step in […]

Biden Threatens to Veto Military Appropriations Bill In Part Because it Protects Veterans’ Gun Rights

Joe Biden

In March, we reported on an appropriations rider that corrected a longstanding and shameful practice by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of reporting beneficiaries to NICS as “mental defectives” prohibited from having guns, merely because they had been determined to need financial oversight. President Biden grudgingly signed that provision into law, enraging his anti-gun supporters, who immediately […]

The Gun Industry Never Forgets the Cost of Freedom

memorial day cemetery flags

I once walked among giants. It was a brief time – that feels even more brief as the years pass since I wore the uniform of a U.S. Marine. It was just 25 years, and for some, that might seem as if two-and-a-half decades was a lifetime. Looking back, especially on Memorial Day when we […]

I Shot My Safe Queen! CZ P-09 MHS Trials Gun [VIDEO]

The one unfired safe queen in my entire collection is no longer a virgin. At Dan’s gentle encouragement I have officially shot my CZ P-09 MHS, a version of the P-09 Duty that CZ made to submit for the U.S. military’s Modular Handgun System trials. Bobbed hammer, double action only, manual safety, .40 S&W . […]

China Shows Off Their Machine-Gun Toting Robodogs

bullpup robodog

What round does one employ to deal with rifle-toting robotic dogs? That’s now a question after China shows off their robotic military “dog” that sports a carbine rifle.  The armed “robodog” made its public appearance in Cambodia, a nation that doesn’t enjoy Second Amendment rights like the good old US of A. Should tyrannical authorities […]

I Don’t Believe in Coincidences

I joke that I’m not superstitious. When someone asked why that was, my response is simple: “because it’s bad luck.” Believing in luck creates luck. Believing in bad luck…well, you know. But coincidence, that’s a different matter. Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray delivered pointed remarks with a simple message: the threat of Chinese Communist […]

Why the US Military Sucks With Small Arms

People have always done stupid things. That’s a fact of life. However, thanks to the creature that is the Internet, the stupid things that people do now travel around the globe in minutes. Also, it doesn’t help when the people who are in charge of social media accounts are so ignorant that they don’t even […]

Fun With Guns: Launching a Vietnam-Era Grapnel Hook [VIDEO]

I bought this LGH, or Launched Grapnel Hook, at a military surplus store back in 2008. Ish. Or so. It seemed like it was about time I actually fired the dang thing, and a gorgeous Texas day out at Copperhead Creek Shooting Club with Dan was just the right occasion! It bruised the web and meat […]