Narrative Buster: Study Shows No Relation Between Lawful Concealed Carry and More Stolen Guns

concealed carry IWB

Gun-control groups campaign against right-to-carry laws by claiming that guns carried in public pose a substantial threat to public safety, and that concealed carry permitting laws lead to more violent crime, not less. Giffords, for instance, alleges that “the dangers of permissive public carry laws” include an increase in gun thefts and “other undesirable outcomes,” […]

Biden Threatens to Veto Military Appropriations Bill In Part Because it Protects Veterans’ Gun Rights

Joe Biden

In March, we reported on an appropriations rider that corrected a longstanding and shameful practice by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of reporting beneficiaries to NICS as “mental defectives” prohibited from having guns, merely because they had been determined to need financial oversight. President Biden grudgingly signed that provision into law, enraging his anti-gun supporters, who immediately […]

WarBird New Line of Level II and IIIA Body Armor – NRAAM

WarBird body armor

  It actually hurts to look at that photo above. Well, it hurts me. That’s WarBird Protection owner Matt Davis putting his money where is mouth is. We knew WarBird for their ear and eye pro gear, but WarBird was showing off their new line of soft body armor at NRAAM. They had a video […]

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With New National Rifle Association EVP and CEO Doug Hamlin

Doug Hamlin

Less than two weeks ago, the National Rifle Association held their 153rd Annual Meeting in Dallas. Unlike many before it, this one went on without the retired and disgraced former EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre. His “retirement” and the embarrassing revelations that were revealed in a New York courtroom have cast a pall over the […]

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules for NRA in First Amendment Case

Supreme Court

Under disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the power of state government was weaponized against the National Rifle Association. That may sound tendentious but that fact isn’t even disputed. Cuomo directed state government offices — primarily Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo — to use their powers to coerce businesses like banks […]

Burris’s Upgraded Veracity PH Rifle Scopes With Heads-Up Display – NRAAM

Back during the SHOT Show in January, Burris Optics announced an upgrade to the Veracity PH 4-20×50 rifle scope they’d announced last year. They’d upgraded the optics shortening the overall length of the scope by about an inch and reducing the weight, too. To go along with the upgraded 4-20x scope, they also announced two […]

Shooting Straight: Ding Dong, is the NRA Dead?

i defend the nra banner

Some people just want to watch the gun world burn, and that sentiment isn’t limited only to those within the firearms industry or the gun world in general. At this point, the general vibe and feel around NRAAM 2024 has been hashed and re-hashed until the proverbial horse isn’t just dead, it’s been obliterated. So […]

Biden Pushes ‘Freedom to be Safe’ and Gun Control for Peace Officers Memorial Day

Law Enforcement Officer Deaths by Year

A proclamation issued by President Joe Biden on May 10 to mark “Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Officer Week” included a recital of measures to support police officers and “keep law enforcement on the beat and communities safe from violence.” These included Biden’s “historic” actions to further gun control measures and his continued calls to “ban […]

Mangum Research’s New SwitchBolt Takedown .22LR Rifle – NRAAM [VIDEO]

One of the coolest things we saw at NRAAM was the latest version of Magnum Research’s SwitchBolt rimfire rifle. Magnum Research may not be the first name to come to mind when the topic is rimfire rifles, but their line of Magnum Lite and Switchbolts have excellent feature sets. The standard .22LR SwitchBolt rifle weighs […]