NOPD Creates French Quarter Gun-Free Zone by Designating a Police Station a School

NOPD New Orleans Police Department French Quarter

After New Orleans officials were unsuccessful in their attempts to get state lawmakers to designate vast swathes of their city’s popular tourist areas as gun-free zones before Louisiana’s new permitless carry law went live July 4, they came up with their own solution, which is probably unconstitutional, definitely whacky, and certain to be contested in […]

Wrongful New York Arrest Shows How Carry Licensing Enables Police Misconduct


A recent story out of New York shows us the true danger of concealed carry licensing, giving bigoted people an excuse to abuse their power. Raffique Khan, a veteran and recipient of a purple heart was having a normal night after retirement enjoying time with a friend. Then NYPD pulled him over, seemingly for no […]

Giffords Claims a Lack of Gun Control Has Made Texas More Violent

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We’ve heard it all before. Every time the gun rights ball is moved forward even a little bit, the anti-gun crowd makes the same hysterical arguments: Blood will run in the streets! Why? Because they think that gun control laws limits on where people can carry firearms are the only things keeping people from killing […]

Sheriff Leon Lott: SC’s Permitless Carry ‘A Win For the Criminals’

Richland County South Carolina’s Democrat Sheriff Leon Lott claims he supports right to carry a gun. He just supports it with a giant asterisk. That asterisk being a permit issued by the government, and only after “proper training.” In other words, he likes a system where bureaucrats like him could arbitrarily deny a carry permit […]

Where Will Constitutional Carry Pop Up Next?

With the passage and signing of a constitutional carry bill into law in Louisiana, followed by the signing of constitutional carry in South Carolina we’re now at both both a tipping point and running into limits for future growth. First, let’s talk about that tipping point. A couple of years ago, we crossed the threshold […]

That Didn’t Age Well: Everytown’s 2015 Tweet Highlights Advance of Permitless Carry

Billionaire moneybags and avowed statist Michael Bloomberg launched the Everytown gun control operation to promote civilian disarmament gun control across America. Each year he spends tens of millions on the organization to prop it up along with its subsidiaries like Moms Demand Action and The Trace propaganda outlet. Like spice, the anti-gun agitprop must flow. […]

Permitless Carry: South Carolina Is Now Number 29

South Carolina joins 28 other states with some form of permitless carry thanks to the signature of South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. In a widely expected move, the governor’s approval means a government permission slip is no longer required, and government agents cannot arbitrarily deny licenses based upon the race, gender or political ideology of […]

Number 28: Louisiana About to Join the Permitless Carry Club…Finally

Crucial Concealment Covert IWB holster

After years of fighting, vetoes, delays, and all the usual drama and insane claims, the Louisiana House passed a constitutional carry bill today by a 75 to 28 margin. The Senate passed the bill last week and Governor Greg Landry has stated that he will sign it into law. As the Shreveport Times reports . […]