Brutal Machete Attack in Times Square ‘Gun-Free’ Disarmament Zone

Times Square stabbing machete attack

The brutal stabbing of a man in New York City’s Times Square on Thursday underscores the futility of public disarmament, which affects only law-abiding citizens, and proves the proponents of so-called “sensitive zones” are clueless, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said. Several news agencies reported the incident, indicating three […]

Let’s Hope Nicholas Orr’s ‘Blood Trail’ Isn’t as Accurate as It Appears to Be

  FBI Fears A Coordinated Attack On US Homeland: Understanding The Threat Landscape DHS warns counties of international adversaries Are Biden officials covering up an attempted terror attack by illegal immigrants? Lawmakers probe DHS, FBI over Quantico ‘possible terrorist attack’ involving 2 Jordanian nationals and a box truck DHS Warns of Increasing Attacks on ERP […]

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With New National Rifle Association EVP and CEO Doug Hamlin

Doug Hamlin

Less than two weeks ago, the National Rifle Association held their 153rd Annual Meeting in Dallas. Unlike many before it, this one went on without the retired and disgraced former EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre. His “retirement” and the embarrassing revelations that were revealed in a New York courtroom have cast a pall over the […]

The Fighting Shotgun: A Tool for Professionals, Not Amateurs

In September of 2019, several armed men, dressed in black, broke into a home outside of Houston. One of the residents ran for cover and the other grabbed a shotgun and exchanged gunfire with the home invaders. The score of the encounter: one resident wounded, three felons DOA. Apparently the homeowner hadn’t read any articles […]