No, .22 Handguns Aren’t the Best Self-Defense Choice for the Weak and the Frail

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A quick check of the calendar reveals that this is actually 2024, not 1984. That being said, I see that some “firearms instructors” are still passing along advice that should have been put to bed forty years ago. Regarding today’s topic, the argument that “a .22 LR is a good self-defense choice for women with […]

DGU Files: Video Shows Indiana Man Attacked in His Own Driveway

A man in Indiana was out with his date when a red SUV followed him home. He gets out of his car, and the SUV slams into him. The Corvette owner quickly pulls his pistol and shoots the SUV driver who falls out of his own window, likely trying to get away from being shot. […]

An Unfortunate Truth: 911 Is A Joke

911 phone emergency

Well, it’s happened again. The United States experienced yet another widespread communications outage. This time it was the 911 Emergency System in four separate states which had the potential to affect millions of citizens. And what is the reason behind this massive outage? According to the latest story, some utility workers cut a cable.  Remember […]

3 Lessons to Learn From the Death of an Armed Good Samaritan

No one likes a Monday morning quarterback (Gen Z folks, ask your dads). That being said, when the FAA investigates a fatal airplane crash, they aren’t doing so to be Monday morning quarterbacks or smartasses. No, the FAA investigates in order to determine what went wrong in the hopes that we can prevent that kind […]

Why the US Military Sucks With Small Arms

People have always done stupid things. That’s a fact of life. However, thanks to the creature that is the Internet, the stupid things that people do now travel around the globe in minutes. Also, it doesn’t help when the people who are in charge of social media accounts are so ignorant that they don’t even […]

First Look: EOTECH’s New Vudu X Rifle Scopes

Now that the dark days of the L3 Harris/L-3 Communications ownership of EOTECH are over, the company is truly able to reach out to American citizen gun owners, not just go after military contracts. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is good news for you. Several years ago, EOTECH released a professional-grade line of optics under the […]

Personal Defense: Learn the Big 3 Checklist for the Use of Deadly Force

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Using firearms in self-defense, whether in the home or out in public, is deadly serious business. That’s why, as a society, we came up with rules governing the justifiable use of deadly force in the United States of America. The following rules, or what we call “The Big 3 Checklist” have been codified and affirmed […]

Wargaming the Apocalypse: 4 Steps for Being Ready if the SHTF

Wargaming the Apocalypse violent protest riot chaos societal collapse SHTF

We would hope that the crash of AT&T services on Thursday 2/22/24 served as a wakeup call or at least as a lesson for the American masses. We are far too reliant on technology that can break down at a moment’s notice. The first cover story for the incident was a solar flare, but that […]

Traumatic Medical Training: What Is It Going To Take?

“Who put that tourniquet on him?” asked the Trauma Doctor in the ER waiting room, to which the driver replied, “Brad did.” “Well, you can tell Brad that if he had not done that, he (the victim) would be dead now.”  That exchange was between an ER doctor and the person who drove the victim […]