DGU Files: Video Shows Indiana Man Attacked in His Own Driveway

An Indiana man is lucky to be alive after a maniac in a stolen vehicle attempted to run him down in his own driveway. The world is aware of this incident thanks to, yet again, the recording on the homeowner’s doorbell/driveway camera.

According to the information we have available, the victim, Ron May, was pulling into his driveway when he noticed a red truck that appeared to be following him, it was 11:00 pm. An armed citizen, May stated that he put his gun in his pocket because he didn’t know what the person in the truck was up to. Mr. May got out of his car and faced the truck. 

Seconds later, the maniac behind the wheel of what turned out to be a stolen truck, stomped on the gas and tried to run Mr. May down. It was only his quick reflexes that allowed May to avoid being maimed or killed.

Having narrowly escaped with his life, May then drew his gun and fired at the driver of the truck. The incoming gunfire caused the attacker — who was naked — to attempt flee. The maniac was arrested only after stealing yet another car and leading police on a chase.

To the credit of Mr. May, his attacker did indeed suffer gunshot wounds, though he’s expected to survive.   

Lessons Learned: Mindset

Based on the information that we have available, the victim in this case didn’t realize that he was being followed until he was pulling into his driveway. There’s no indication that May, believed that he was being tailed or followed for an extended period of time. When he realized that there was a strange vehicle pulling in behind him, May did what any reasonable person would do, he approached the situation with caution.

At press time we know that the attacker, Dustin Roeker, had already run down a pedestrian in a restaurant parking lot an hour before he tried to ram Mr. May. There’s no indication that the attacker knew his victim nor that the any behavior of May’s contributed to the assault. 

Naked driving enthusiast Dustin Roeker

What all of that adds up to is this — you don’t get to decide when or where an out-of-control maniac will attacks you. As it seems to have in this case, it can come out of the blue. You have to be ready to defend your life every waking moment of the day.

Gun people delude themselves by spouting nonsense about how they “don’t go to places that they shouldn’t goor “I don’t go out looking for trouble.” Cool story, bro. What the hell does that have to do with reality?

People are murdered by deranged people in churches, schools, shopping malls, etc., all the time. Were the victims to blame because they were “looking for trouble” or “somewhere they shouldn’t have been?”

Your mindset needs to be that you don’t get to decide when you’re attacked. What you do get to decide is how well you’ll be prepared mentally and physically to deal with that attack.   

Are You Being Followed? 

Most people don’t pay close enough attention to what’s going on around them to even know that they’re being followed. In our modern world, distractions are many. However, should you believe that a vehicle is following you, the easiest way to figure it out is to make four left turns.

In an urban environment, you can generally make four left turns within a few blocks and be right back on the road on which you started. If you make for left turns and the vehicle is still behind you, you’re being followed.

Back in the old days when I was a bodyguard, we used to offer advice to women who were afraid that they were being followed to drive to a police station. On the face of it, that seems like good advice. But how many people can tell you how to get to the nearest police station?

Something like 99% of the people you ask would have to get their phones out and use a map tool. Where my house is located, the nearest police station is about 25 minutes away. Are you going to drive out of your way for 20 to 25 minutes because you suspect that someone is following you?

There are other tricks. Slow down considerably and see if they pass you. If they don’t pass you, speed up considerably and see if they match your speed to keep up. Hit the red button on the dashboard and activate the oil slick device (kidding).

Thanks to our modern economy, 24-hour gas stations are very common. At night most of them are lit up like daytime. If you find yourself in a position where you think someone is following you, pull right up front under the lights of such a place.   

Naturally, if you truly believe you are being tailed by a potential attacker, dial 911 on your phone, put it on speaker, and have the dispatcher move you in the direction of the nearest patrolman. If there isn’t an officer nearby, stay in a well lit area such as the gas station scenario. 

Keep in mind, none of these actions are an absolute guarantee that you won’t be attacked. The naked maniac in the case above deliberately tried to run a guy over and then ran off to steal another car. 

In the Shadows? 

If you suspect you’re being stalked, either in your car or on foot, remove the stalker’s ability to hide in the shadows by lighting them up with the very bright flashlight you keep on your person all the time. Oh, you don’t carry a flashlight? Well, you should have something Lethal, something Shary, something Bright, and something Medical on your person every time you walk out of your front door. We call that the “Fundamental Four.”

Once more, the bottom line is that we live in a dangerous world and refusing to acknowledge that fact will not keep you safe. A solid fighting mindset is the most valuable tool you can possess. You don’t get to decide when some random (naked) maniac attacks you, you only get to decide how you’ll deal with it.

Paul G. Markel is a combat decorated United States Marine veteran. He is also the founder of Student the Gun University and has been teaching Small Arms & Tactics to military personnel, police officers, and citizens for over three decades. 

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  1. 11 pm is one of “the four stupids.” A stupid time. Didn’t you ever listen to your mommy?? Anyone out after nightfall should be extra vigilant. And gas stations are one of the worst places to frequent after dark. How many videos are on the Interwebs of an attack at a well-lit gas station after dark?? Another one of “the four stupids,” a stupid place.

    You want to be attacked?? Or not?? Drive the 25 minutes to the police station. Not only are you keeping the psycho occupied and leading him/her/it to a rendezvous with destiny, you are leading him/her/it away from your home.

    Oops. Taking advice from this guy is another one of “the four stupids.” Stupid people.

    1. “11 pm is one of “the four stupids.” A stupid time.”

      Maybe he works the swing shift, 3 in the afternoon to 11 PM?

      Is holding down a good job ‘stupid’?

  2. That looked like narrowly-avoided attempted murder.

    A real shame his aim wasn’t better…

  3. All our vehicles always have at least a half tank of gas so we can drive for an extended period to find a secure place if necessary.

    1. Yep. Same here, for at least a dozen years. Never allow the tank to go below half, and keep a supply of full cans at home in case of emergency, whether you need to bug in, or bug out. Most localities will allow up to 25 gallons to be stored on private property without requiring a permit.

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