Good Gear: Streamlight MacroStream USB EDC Flashlight

SNW contributor Paul Markel says everyone needs to have the fundamental four with them on their daily rounds; something lethal, something sharp, something light, and something medical. That’s good advice and if you keep all four with you on a regular basis, you’ll be pretty well-fixed to handle most basic self-defense and other emergencies.

My EDC gun is a Springfield Hellcat. My knife rotates among, well, a lot of blades, but is most often is either a Benchmade Mini Bugout or a Benchmade Mini Osborne. A CAT tourniquet lives in my backpack which is always with me. As for the light, the one I carry more than any other is Streamlight MacroStream USB.

There are bigger out there and there are lights with more output. There are also lights with more illumination modes and strobe settings. But if you’re looking for a powerful, affordable light that’s ideal for everyday carry, it’s damn-near impossible to beat the MacroStream USB.

The MacroStream USB is the bigger sibling of the MicroStream USB a 1AAA-sized light that’s a good EDC choice on its own. Where the MicroStream generates 50/250 lumens on its low and high settings, the 1AA-sized MacroStream pumps out 50/500 lumens.

The MacroStream USB is powered by a rechargeable 1720G battery. While it’s virtually the same size as a standard AA battery, the MacroStream won’t run on standard Duracells or Evereadys.

You access the light’s USB port by sliding forward an o-ring sealed shroud at the front of the light.

I’ve gotten my MacroStream wet lots of times in the years I’ve owned it and the seal has held. It’s IPX4 rated, which means it should hold up to everything short of being fully submerged.

The two-way clip is handy. You can use it to clip to the bill of a baseball cap to use hands-free if you need to. I’ve done it. While it only weights 2.2 ounces, that makes the bill a little front-heavy, but it works.

The MacroStream USB’s lens has a center diffuser that produces a smooth, even beam of light.

It has plenty of punch to light up the night.

While not designed with the heft and specs of a tactical light, my MacroStream has stood up to a lot of everyday carry including being dropped, thrown, sweated on and rained on. It’s taken it all.

Its two brightness levels handle everything the average person needs in an EDC light and it’s slim enough to carry very comfortably and unobtrusively. Priced at about $57 retail, it’s a great, affordable flashlight that earns its place in your pocket.

Specifications: Streamlight MacroStream USB Flashlight

High Beam: 500 Lumens, 90 meter beam, 2 hour run time
Low Beam: 50 Lumens, 30 meter beam, 8 hour run time
Battery: Lithium Ion 1720G battery 
Run Time Low: 8 hours
Run Time High: 2 hours
Length: 4.50 inches (11.43 centimeters)
Body Diameter: 0.83 in. (21.1 mm)
Weight: 2.20 oz. with battery
Price: $57.29



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  1. Yup. My EDC is a Streamlight Protac 2LX. Great gear. Rugged. Stands up to a lot of abuse. Thirty six billion trillion lumens on high, so I usually run it on low.

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