Mixed Bag: NRA Board Reformers Win Some, Lose Some in Leadership Elections

NRA 2024 Dallas logo

The reformers on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors went for broke in yesterday’s Board of Directors meeting. They also went hours longer than anyone ever imagined possible. The result: the reform movement lost one key slot, but won three others.  One observer told me to think of it like baseball, not football. In […]

Shooting the FK BRNO PSD, the ‘Affordable’ 7.5 FK Hunting Pistol [Video]

Firing the extremely powerful 7.5 FK round, which is most comparable to a 9×25 Dillon (itself a necked-down 10mm Auto) and the 7.5 FK Field Pistol from FK BRNO from the Czech Republic is…unique. This is a massive handgun that carries with it a massive price tag of $7,500. In order to appeal to the […]

Tucker Carlson: I Always Carry a Gun as a ‘Statement of Autonomy’

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has come in for a lot of criticism in recent months, but he managed to hit the nail on the head about guns and gun rights at a recent event. A clip below shows Carlson saying he carries a gun “all the time.” When asked if he was carrying at that moment, his […]

Thompson and Auto Ordnance’s New TAO50 .50 BMG Rifle – NRAAM

There I was, strolling past the Kahr booth at NRAAM when this thing caught my eye. Given that it’s notably bigger than anything else in Kahr’s, Auto Ordnance’s, or Thompson’s, lineup I was compelled to check it out. The new TAO50 is pretty much what it looks like…a big bolt action rifle that slings .50 […]

NRAAM: Around the Convention Floor in Dallas


When the doors opened on the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits it wasn’t a mad dash onto the show floor and the morning of day one started a bit slow. That changed a couple hours later but it made Friday morning a good time to talk with exhibitors. This worked out well as Dan […]