Damara Dik-Dik – Hunting the Tiniest of Africa’s Tiny Ten

Namibia Tiny Ten dik-dik hunt JWT

I bled more than he did. At least I had more to give. I was hunting the Damara’s dik-dik, but I was fighting Namibia…and Namibia was winning. This would be my 10th hunt with Jaques Jordaan of Ndlotti Safari Adventures of South Africa.  But, seeing as dik-dik aren’t naturally found in South Africa, Jaques reached […]

War on Guns: Biden Tries to Cut Public Lands Access for Hunting and Shooting…Again

President Joe Biden is determined to decimate the notion that responsible gun owners should be able to responsibly teach the next generation of outdoorsmen and women recreational target shooting. His latest scheme is to shutter 98.9 percent of the Sonoran Desert National Monument to recreational target shooting. The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) finalized […]

Armasight’s New Jockey 320 and 640 Clip-On Thermal Sights

We had a chance to shoot Armasight night vision optics — both clip-on and magnified scopes — last year at distances from about 5 yards out to over 600 yards. There’s nothing quite like reaching out and touching steel in near-zero ambient light with only the stars above for illumination. And if you’re a pig […]

Shooting the FK BRNO PSD, the ‘Affordable’ 7.5 FK Hunting Pistol [Video]

Firing the extremely powerful 7.5 FK round, which is most comparable to a 9×25 Dillon (itself a necked-down 10mm Auto) and the 7.5 FK Field Pistol from FK BRNO from the Czech Republic is…unique. This is a massive handgun that carries with it a massive price tag of $7,500. In order to appeal to the […]

AOC Knows Even Less About Ammunition Than She Does About Economics

By Matt Manda In a demonstration that America’s outdoors and recreational shooting sports pastimes still bring people together, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 615 in a bipartisan vote, sending the Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers Act over to the U.S. Senate for consideration. The bill is strongly supported by NSSF and would require […]

Urban Iguana Hunting With Tropical Trophies

Bucket list item checked off! While visiting family in Florida, I popped up to the West Palm Beach area to meet with Travis, owner of Tropical Trophies guide service to hunt some ditch dragons. That’s right, Iguana hunting, y’all. Much to my surprise, we did this hunt along the manicured drainage ditch between a major […]

New York Gets One Right With New Learn to Hunt Web Site

Hunting remains one of America’s greatest pastimes, but using new technology is key to recruiting and retaining America’s next generation of hunters. Little compares to the sights, smells and sounds that surround you when on a hunt. Whether it’s walking corn fields, brushy meadows or woodland edges for pheasant or sitting high up in a […]

Congress Blasts Woke Climate Change Wildlife Refuge Initiative by US Fish & Wildlife Service

Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana/usa - February

Congress had sharp criticism for a proposed rule that would prioritize a climate change agenda over a proven hunting conservation strategy that has benefitted wildlife conservation and sportsmen and women. It’s not the first time, either. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) proposed Biological Integrity, Diversity and Environmental Health (BIDEH) rule update would implement […]

State Fish and Game Departments are Changing and Not for the Better

Today’s state wildlife agencies are changing. Some critics might call it metastasizing and it could spell trouble ahead for the hunting traditions Americans have enjoyed for centuries. Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife Commission (CPW) recently confirmed two new appointees to the state agency that oversees and administers hunting and wildlife regulations. The concern is that these […]

When You Really Want to Murder a Murder of Crows

black crow bird

Crow hunting is a blast. Not that I would know first-hand because I have never been. But I’ve heard it is a helluva time. Several years ago when I was working at a Gander Mountain store in Utica, Michigan, one of the managers told a story about hunting crows that has stuck with me ever […]