Shooting the FK BRNO PSD, the ‘Affordable’ 7.5 FK Hunting Pistol [Video]

Firing the extremely powerful 7.5 FK round, which is most comparable to a 9×25 Dillon (itself a necked-down 10mm Auto) and the 7.5 FK Field Pistol from FK BRNO from the Czech Republic is…unique. This is a massive handgun that carries with it a massive price tag of $7,500. In order to appeal to the […]

Remember the Ideal Conceal .380 ‘Cell Phone’ Gun? [Video Review]

Well that was a novel idea. Ideal Conceal designed this little folding 2-shot 380 ACP derringer to have the same footprint as a typical smartphone when the grip is folded up over the trigger guard area. Unfortunately for the now-defunct Ideal Conceal company, even when folded the thing really isn’t any easier to carrier than, […]

Urban Iguana Hunting With Tropical Trophies

Bucket list item checked off! While visiting family in Florida, I popped up to the West Palm Beach area to meet with Travis, owner of Tropical Trophies guide service to hunt some ditch dragons. That’s right, Iguana hunting, y’all. Much to my surprise, we did this hunt along the manicured drainage ditch between a major […]

Henry Homesteader 9mm Carbine With a JK Suppressor [Video Review]

Dan and I hit the range at Copperhead Creek Shooting Club to do some shooting with my Henry Homesteader equipped with a JK Armament CCX suppressor. What a cool combo! As soon as I opened the box to see and feel the Homesteader, I went straight from, “There’s no room in the market for another […]

Girsan MC P35 Hi-Power Clone [Video Review]

Dan and I hit the range at Copperhead Creek Shooting Club to test out, among other guns, the Girsan MC P35. It’s a Turkish-made Browning Hi-Power clone available for about half the price of the real deal. It shot great, but, oh man, that trigger needs some love. The pistol looks nice, takes lots of […]

The MPVO, or Medium Power Variable Optic, is Here

You’ve probably hears of the LPVO – medium power variable optics – but one of the fastest-growing segments of the rifle optics space is the MPVO, or medium power variable optic. Do-all scopes that quickly zoom from low magnification (1x or 2x…ish) up to medium magnification (10x or 12x…ish), this has been my go-to for […]

Fun With Guns: Launching a Vietnam-Era Grapnel Hook [VIDEO]

I bought this LGH, or Launched Grapnel Hook, at a military surplus store back in 2008. Ish. Or so. It seemed like it was about time I actually fired the dang thing, and a gorgeous Texas day out at Copperhead Creek Shooting Club with Dan was just the right occasion! It bruised the web and meat […]

Quiet in the Capitol: A Great, Suppressed-Only Shooting Event in Austin, Texas

For six years running, Capitol Armory in Austin, Texas has put on a totally free, open-to-the-public, suppressed-only shooting event that they call Quiet in the Capitol. It’s awesome! If you didn’t make it last weekend on March 2nd and 3rd, get it on your calendar for next year as it’s one of the few opportunities […]

Silencers For Beginners: How to Suppress a GLOCK

A suppressed pistol shooting subsonic ammunition gets pretty darn close to “Hollywood quiet” and is undeniably cool. Better yet, moving your hearing protection from on your head to on your gun is more comfortable and allows you to hear your surroundings and your friends on the range, making for a safer, more enjoyable experience. If […]

New Company, New Pistol: Rost Martin Launches the RM1C 9mm at SHOT Show

Rost Martin RM1C 9mm pistol

Walking through the downstairs food court at SHOT Show, my Korean chicken bowl and I did something of a double take at the large, impressive Rost Martin booth. I stood there for a hot second staring at it, racking my brain for any recognition of the brand. It’s possible that an established, successful firearm company […]