Frog Farts? Have You Ever Tried Ultra-Quiet .22 CB Ammo?

You won’t believe how quiet .22 CB (conical bullet) or Colibri rounds are. They’re actually quieter than shootingย  22 LR suppressed. They’re great for teaching a new shooter, plinking, or even for taking down small critters. And no ear pro needed!

They come in both short and long rounds at a couple different velocity levels (slower = quieter) and they’re all kinds of fun to shoot. Pick up a box or two and give these a try.


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    1. Back when I had my Ruger .44 mag Superedhawk, I used to shoot flies on my back porch and knock over empty 12 oz. aluminum cans with primed .44 mag brass and an expanding earplug jammed in there as a bullet.

      It just mad a ‘Bonk’ sound when firing, great fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. How long does one have to listen to determine the volume of a frog’s fart?
    Perhaps a gastroenterologist would know.

  2. I’ve had some of that ammo for over 30 years (mine is by CCI, and they call it CB cap), and Jeremy S. (who may, or may not have, spoken in class today) is right, it uses no gunpowder, using just the primer compound in the rim as the propellant.

    In a rifle-length barrel, energy delivered downrange is on par with a single-pump pellet rifle or a spring-powered BB gun, like the Daisy ‘Red Rider’. Not a lot, but I still would not want to get shot by it (it will literally ‘put your eye out, kid’). I’d call it mouse or small rat ammo…

      1. I still use .22 Short to dispatch rabbits and ground squirrels in my back yard. I might look into these CBs.

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