Surgeon General Declares Gun Violence a Public Health Crisis


Ah, yes, this old gem again. Due to increases in gang violence and related public shootings, which historically spike every year during the summer months, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has called for — you guessed it! — a ban on “automatic rifles,” the implementation of universal background checks, laws restricting the use of firearms in public spaces, heavier regulation of the firearm industry, and stiffer penalties for those who don’t store their guns safely.

From the AP:

“It is now time for us to take this issue out of the realm of politics and put it in the realm of public health, the way we did with smoking more than a half century ago,” Murthy told the AP.

But of course. He’d like to take it out of the realm of politics by first and foremost seeking a ban on the specific type of firearm that’s almost never used in the types of shootings he specifically points to as the “public health crisis” and, in fact, are used in only a fraction of a single percent of murders with a firearm in the country each year.

Naturally this also describes the rest of his typical Democrat anti-gun legislation wishlist; restrictions that affect the typical gun owner but matter not to the people responsible for the “public health crisis.” Sure, sure, go ahead and explain to your friendly neighborhood gang banger that there’s now a universal background check law so he can’t steal a gun during a home burglary and sell it on the streets or that he isn’t allowed to have the gun in the public space where he shot up a block party. Maybe he’ll listen when you explain that he’s supposed to store his gun safely or that the gun industry has to jump through even more hoops.

Clearly the way to solve a culture in which young men are willing to shoot up public spaces due to gang rivalries or perceived disrespect or whatever is via more little laws that anyone intent on murder clearly couldn’t care less about.

But, but…think of the children! Again from the AP:

Children and younger Americans, in particular, are suffering from gun violence, Murthy notes in his advisory called “Firearm Violence: A Public Health Crisis in America.” Suicide by gun rates have increased significantly in recent years for Americans under the age of 35. Children in the U.S. are far more likely to die from gun wounds than children in other countries, the research he gathered shows.

In addition to new regulations, Murthy calls for an increase on gun violence research and for the health system — which is likely to be more amenable to his advisory — to promote gun safety education during doctor visits.

“Children and younger Americans” aren’t just suffering from gun violence, they’re perpetrating it. The liberal side of the aisle needs to stop pretending like every 15- to 24-year-old gang member is an innocent child who’s suffering from gun violence when they’re typically the ones responsible for approximately two-thirds of the murders committed with a firearm each year.

Suicide is a horrible tragedy and the suicide rate in the U.S. is far higher than it should be. Unfortunately, a firearm is a very good tool for committing suicide and, when one is available, it’s the go-to method for many or most people, males in particular. But we know it is political rather than public health any time we hear gun violence or gun crime or gun suicide rather than a concern for violence or crime or suicide in general. Their focus is on guns, for obvious political reasons, rather than the health or safety of the public.

Though there’s very little data or any other correlation suggesting that suicide rates would be different if guns didn’t exist or that violent crime rates or murders rates, etc., would be different — in fact, there’s plenty of data suggesting that crime and murder would be worse without firearms! — the anti-gun politicians and others whistle past the facts by focusing on the guns, not the crime.

The Surgeon General should stick to public health and stay out of politics and out of my gun safe.


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  1. Interesting that last week the claim was the violent crime was down. So much so, that it’s now a public health crisis.


      1. Did NYS impose road blocks to upstate during the pandemic?

        That’s the kind of power they can abuse by declaring a bullshit ‘public health crisis’, I sure hope Gottlieb et. all are jumping on this… 🙁

        1. Oddly enough no I heard rumors about that down in NYC but honestly between bail reform and antifia the authorities had enough to deal with around Albany and just about anywhere else up here was a mix of dgaf and full shutin/drive with masks.

    1. ” So much so, that it’s now a public health crisis.”

      This isn’t good, since declaring a ‘public health crisis’ gives them the ability to bypass the congress.

      That’s exactly what they did in the recent pandemic, remember how fun that was, with all their little ‘decrees’ they just rammed down our throats? People being literally subject to arrest for violating public health orders like no travel?

  2. Since there is no such thing as gun violence. Only violent acts by criminals using guns illegally. This is little more than political hyperbole disguised as caring. If he and the rest of the liberal democrat politicians across the nation truly cared about the violence perpetrated by violent criminals they would lock them up and stop refusing to prosecute them or make deals to keep them from facing the consequences they deserve. If guns cause the crime that injures and kills people and needs to be taken from society. Then cars cause the drunk driving that injures and kills people and thus need to be taken from society also. The difference between the 2 is the Constitution protects the right for law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. While no Constitutional Right exists to own or drive a car.
    “The beauty of the second Amendment is that it will not be NEEDED until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson. Until that time it is still a Right.

    1. At least for pandemic era NY it was just the actual news a few months to weeks (sometimes days) in advance.

  3. Such a stupid approach.

    Shooting yourself may result in low birth weight.
    Shooting around others may result in second hand damage.

    Smoking is back on the rise though so I guess the approach works. 🙄

  4. An overwhelming number of the perps are BLACK. Something else Democrats don’t want to talk about.

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