Shooting My Favorite Scope + Rifle Combo [Video]

Optics don’t generally make for the most exciting video subject material, but the SIG BDX line is so dang useful and packs so many features in at a great price point that it simply had to be featured on the Shooting News Weekly Youtube channel.

For the last couple years the SIERRA6BDX 2-12x has been my go-to for all of my hunting and practical use. From close-in to long-range, it does it all in a compact package with fantastic glass and some incredibly slick electronics, including trick fiber optics in the reticle.

Mounted on a Black Collar Arms SBD it’s a hell of a capable setup! Ballistic holds for your ammo through your gun right there in the reticle, all attached to what might be the quietest setup this side of a Daisy. Hard to beat!


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