ZeroTech Announces the New H.A.L.O. Enclosed 3 MOA Red Dot Sight

ZeroTech Optics is excited to release the much anticipated reflex optic of 2024, the H.A.L.O (Heavy duty Aspherical Lens Optic) TRAE28. This state-of-the-art Optic is set to redefine standards in reflex sights, combining unparalleled durability with superior performance. Key Specifications of the H.A.L.O TRAE28: Magnification: 1x Objective Lens: 28mm x 20mm Footprint: RMSc Reticle: 3 MOA […]

SIG SAUER’s New Steel P320-XFIVE SXG Is Fast…Very Fast

SIG calls their new P320-XFIVE SXG heavy metal and that’s not just marketing hype. The SXG is made of solid steel and weights in at a hair under 50 ounces. Yes, 50 ounces. That means it soaks up 9mm recoil and gets you back on target fast. That’s SIG pro shooter Max Michel. He’s fast. […]

Shooting My Favorite Scope + Rifle Combo [Video]

Optics don’t generally make for the most exciting video subject material, but the SIG BDX line is so dang useful and packs so many features in at a great price point that it simply had to be featured on the Shooting News Weekly Youtube channel. For the last couple years the SIERRA6BDX 2-12x has been […]

Night Fision’s New Optic Mounted Stealth Sights Ensure a Good Cowitness

Well here’s a product you look at and wonder, why the hell didn’t anyone think of that before? With the mad proliferation in the use of pistol-mounted red dot sights, you may or may not have a good cowitness view of your iron sights depending on a number of factors. Those factors include the design […]

Gear Review: Aimpoint ACRO P-2 Red Dot Sight

Thanks to Safariland, War Hogg Tactical, and the blessing of living on the Florida Gulf Coast, I attended a free pistol red dot course given by Rick Hogg of War Hogg Tactical. I’m always down when the words ‘free class’ and ‘driving distance’ pop up. I took some last-minute vacation time and cruised over to […]

Armasight’s New Jockey 320 and 640 Clip-On Thermal Sights

We had a chance to shoot Armasight night vision optics — both clip-on and magnified scopes — last year at distances from about 5 yards out to over 600 yards. There’s nothing quite like reaching out and touching steel in near-zero ambient light with only the stars above for illumination. And if you’re a pig […]

Gear Review: Olight Osight Reflex Sight [VIDEO]

Olight OSight red dot reflex sight

  We wrote about the new red dot sight from Olight the company introduced at NRAAM (see that post here). Yes, another red dot sight. But what was noteworthy, in addition to the Olight OSight being the first reflex sight from a company known for its flashlights and weapon lights, the OSight is a red […]

Vortex Announces New Defender-XL Microd Red Dot Sight

Responding to the demands of serious competitors, Vortex is excited to introduce a red dot that sets a higher standard for speed and accuracy in competitive shooting. Understanding the critical role of quick target engagement and flexibility in dynamic shooting environments, the Defender-XL is a new tool for shooters aiming to dominate the competition. The ultra-wide […]

Burris’s Upgraded Veracity PH Rifle Scopes With Heads-Up Display – NRAAM

Back during the SHOT Show in January, Burris Optics announced an upgrade to the Veracity PH 4-20×50 rifle scope they’d announced last year. They’d upgraded the optics shortening the overall length of the scope by about an inch and reducing the weight, too. To go along with the upgraded 4-20x scope, they also announced two […]