Shooting Straight: It’s Time to Abolish the ATF

atf agents

The phrase “common sense gun laws” is uttered by politicians and those on the anti-gun side more times than we can count. It is, after all, a fantastic catch-all phrase that implies anyone who disagrees is a fool who, of course, possesses no common sense (and also wants children to die). Maybe one of the […]

Shooting Straight: Ditch Your Home Defense Shotgun

wilson combat shotgun

Times change. That applies to more than the disturbing resurgence of 90s clothing or the way trucks are turning into glorified Tonka toys. Your home defense shotgun—the one that’s propped up near the front door or leaning against the wall by your bed—it’s time to get rid of it. Or, at least, store it properly […]

Shooting Straight: Open Carry Idiocy

open carry handgun

There always seems to be a lot of fuss over what may be considered the perfect everyday carry gun. The go-to gun tends to change over time, ranging from the GLOCK 26 to the Ruger LCP to the SIG P365. People tend to follow trends and gun guys are no different. Haven’t we all checked […]

Shooting Straight: Columbine Who?

columbine school sign

On April 20, 2024 we hit a grim milestone of sorts: 25 years since Columbine. Somehow that massacre that was carried out by mentally ill kids has become a marker of sorts for school shootings. It wasn’t the first school shooting—not by a long shot—but it was the most widely publicized and politicized at that […]

More Gun For Your Buck: The Top 5 Budget Friendly AR-15 Rifles

orca II pro

When it comes to firearms, most people aren’t necessarily excited to hear the words “budget” or “cheap” attached to them. After all, any gun you have needs to be reliable and consistent in its performance—you don’t want some poorly made gun that only fires when it feels like it or is overly finicky about ammo. […]

Shooting Straight: The Hard Times That Weak Men Create

iranian missiles

A lot of you probably know the quote about hard times and weak men from memes going around, but it isn’t just a meme. It’s also not a quote from a founding father or some famous philosopher. It was author G. Michael Hopf who penned it in a novel. The quote is “Hard times create […]

Hands On: Riton 5 Tactix 1-10×24 LPVO

Riton 5 Tactix

For gun owners interested in home defense, closer-range hunting, or close quarters work in general, there’s not much better than a good LPVO (low power variable optic). Of course, as with any optic, all LPVOs aren’t created equally. One name in the optic world that’s getting more attention as it’s improved and expanded its line […]

Shooting Straight: Be Aware That Everything Is Discoverable

social media phone apps

It hasn’t even been five minutes since the last time some dude in my newsfeed on social media boasted about his ability to shoot someone if they crossed him. This was, unsurprisingly, in a gun group chock full of derpish Dunning Kruger advice. Sometimes, though, those types of posts show up from friends. Whether I […]

Shooting Straight: Face It, Your Gun Sucks

mossberg pistol

You’ve probably noticed a serious surge in revolver popularity lately. This is due to a few reasons, but mostly by design courtesy of some manufacturers and their reps. All it really takes is the right person proclaiming a piece of gear is the new hotness, and it’s on. After years of infighting and outright brawls […]

Shooting Straight: The Truth About the NRA As it Stands Now

wayne lapierre in court

The other day someone sent me a suggestion to join a social media group with a title along the lines of  “retake the NRA.” We’re years into trying to “fix” the problems inherent in the NRA, and I’m years into reminding people we need them. But is that still true? Is the NRA still the […]