Warne’s New Skyline Pro Bipod

Warne, a leading manufacturer of high-quality firearms accessories, proudly introduces the latest addition to its esteemed bipod lineup, the Skyline Pro Bipod. Crafted to meet the exacting demands of competitive shooters, the Skyline Pro Bipod combines rugged durability with unparalleled adjustability, setting a new standard in precision shooting. Engineered from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Skyline Pro […]

SNAPSAFE’s New Premium Welded Safes

SnapSafe Premium Welded Safes provide peace of mind and valuable security, built with state-of-the-art materials and superior craftsmanship. SnapSafe understands the importance of keeping firearms secure and out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have access. It is also a great option to protect important documents and any number of valuables, from jewelry to […]

Night Fision’s New Optic Mounted Stealth Sights Ensure a Good Cowitness

Well here’s a product you look at and wonder, why the hell didn’t anyone think of that before? With the mad proliferation in the use of pistol-mounted red dot sights, you may or may not have a good cowitness view of your iron sights depending on a number of factors. Those factors include the design […]

Legal Again: Harrington & Richardson Releases the Retro HAR-15 Pistol Brace

Harrington & Richardson has been taking the retro AR world by storm the past couple of years. At SHOT Show 2023 they previewed a CAR-15 style pistol brace which would have been great for Colt Commando, GAU-5, and XM-177 builds for folks who don’t want to go through the SBR process and pay the government […]

Federal’s Now Making a Line of Premium Gun Cases, Bags and Pouches

Federal Ammunition recently added a Premium lineup of accessories, including shotgun and rifle cases, shell pouches, and range bags. All are built with the finest materials, including 18-ounce waxed canvas, top-quality zippers, leather accents, brass hardware, and embossed leather logo patches. This new product line of accessories is now available at select dealers and online. […]

Armasight’s New Jockey 320 and 640 Clip-On Thermal Sights

We had a chance to shoot Armasight night vision optics — both clip-on and magnified scopes — last year at distances from about 5 yards out to over 600 yards. There’s nothing quite like reaching out and touching steel in near-zero ambient light with only the stars above for illumination. And if you’re a pig […]

Vortex Announces New Defender-XL Microd Red Dot Sight

Responding to the demands of serious competitors, Vortex is excited to introduce a red dot that sets a higher standard for speed and accuracy in competitive shooting. Understanding the critical role of quick target engagement and flexibility in dynamic shooting environments, the Defender-XL is a new tool for shooters aiming to dominate the competition. The ultra-wide […]

Fathers Day Edition: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Roaming the aisles of the NRA Show in Dallas, it became clear that it was about time for the next installment of ‘5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed.’ The floor of the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits held a few gems, and I am sure I missed more than I found, but here […]

WarBird New Line of Level II and IIIA Body Armor – NRAAM

WarBird body armor

  It actually hurts to look at that photo above. Well, it hurts me. That’s WarBird Protection owner Matt Davis putting his money where is mouth is. We knew WarBird for their ear and eye pro gear, but WarBird was showing off their new line of soft body armor at NRAAM. They had a video […]

Burris’s Upgraded Veracity PH Rifle Scopes With Heads-Up Display – NRAAM

Back during the SHOT Show in January, Burris Optics announced an upgrade to the Veracity PH 4-20×50 rifle scope they’d announced last year. They’d upgraded the optics shortening the overall length of the scope by about an inch and reducing the weight, too. To go along with the upgraded 4-20x scope, they also announced two […]