B5 Systems Adds to Their Retro Line of AR Furniture

B5 Systems retro AR-15 furniture

I’ve worked with a good bit of B5 Systems AR furniture recently and it’s all been solid and well thought out. I have to say though I’ve been anxiously awaiting the drop of their retro furniture and that just happened this week. They’ve had a CAR stock in the lineup, but now they’ve added six-hole skinny CAR15 handguards, and the LS2, a Lonestar style A2 grip.

B5 Systems retro AR-15 furniture

The CAR15 handguards are a good match up to the CAR15 stocks they were already turning out. They’re the original six-hole design, they have aluminum heat shields and are made of a durable polymer, right here in the USA.

They’re also only $25.00 which is a great deal.

B5 Systems retro AR-15 furniture


Maybe more exciting, though, is the LS2 grip, which is the B5 version of the old Lonestar grip. The Lonestar grips were basically A2 pattern, but with a bit more of an arched back that’s more ergonomic and hand-filling. It also had the addition of a storage compartment in the grip with a hinged cover. They’d developed quite the cult following with AR builders and originals are hard to come by and typically sell for around $100 or more when they turn up.

Onyx Arms was doing their Clonestar version which was 3D-printed and ran around $65 when they were in stock. I have one. It’s a solid enough grip, but to me it doesn’t have quite the same feel as a GI or Magpul grip.

The B5 Systems LS2 grip is injection-molded and made right here in the USA. The best part is they’re only listing them at $20.00, which I swear is probably what the Lonestars originally sold for back in the 1990’s. I might be wrong on that, but either way, considering the aftermarket for Lonestars, $20 is a killer deal. I expect these to fly off the shelves.

B5 Systems retro AR-15 furniture

Their original CAR15 stock, the CAR15 handguards, and the LS2 grip are available in black or olive drab. I have a set of OD on the way so I’ll give a full report on them once they come in. I just have to figure out what rifle to put them on, or if I need to build another one.


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