Shooting Straight: Ding Dong, is the NRA Dead?

i defend the nra banner

Some people just want to watch the gun world burn, and that sentiment isn’t limited only to those within the firearms industry or the gun world in general. At this point, the general vibe and feel around NRAAM 2024 has been hashed and re-hashed until the proverbial horse isn’t just dead, it’s been obliterated. So […]

The Gun Industry Never Forgets the Cost of Freedom

memorial day cemetery flags

I once walked among giants. It was a brief time – that feels even more brief as the years pass since I wore the uniform of a U.S. Marine. It was just 25 years, and for some, that might seem as if two-and-a-half decades was a lifetime. Looking back, especially on Memorial Day when we […]

26 Attorneys General Support US Gun Makers in Lawsuit Brought By Mexico

Mexico's President Lopez Obrador News Conference

“We hope [the Supreme Court] takes this opportunity to properly interpret the law and protect lawful gun manufacturers from liability for misuse of their products,” [Utah Attorney General Sean] Reyes’ statement said. “If the Mexican government wants to hold others liable for impact to its country, perhaps it should be held responsible for the tens […]