The Days Of ‘Concealed Means Concealed’ Increasingly Coming to an End

As a gun owner in Florida, I grew up with the mantra, “concealed means concealed.” Meaning that if a place banned the carrying of firearms, but is legal under the law, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. That was the way things were (and still are frequently) done. I recall plenty of places that […]

New York Thinly Disguises Another Gun Control Bill as Environmentalism

outdoor rifle shooting range

By Jake McGuigan There must be something in the water in the Hudson River. First it was the Bronx and Queens when U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) asserted — with zero scientific evidence — that traditional lead hunting ammunition “poisons everything in sight.” Now, anti-hunting Democratic lawmakers in the state’s capital are pushing an egregiously […]

China Shows Off Their Machine-Gun Toting Robodogs

bullpup robodog

What round does one employ to deal with rifle-toting robotic dogs? That’s now a question after China shows off their robotic military “dog” that sports a carbine rifle.  The armed “robodog” made its public appearance in Cambodia, a nation that doesn’t enjoy Second Amendment rights like the good old US of A. Should tyrannical authorities […]

SIG SAUER Demos Their New SIG CONNECT Training App – NRAAM


Maybe no other gun manufacturer is doing more to promote and improve the experience of gun ownership than SIG SAUER. Their Rose program isn’t just women-oriented guns and gear, but also a series of training courses and seminars that range from in-store “experiences” to weekends at luxurious resorts designed to get women who may be […]

Judge Kaczmaryk Rules That American’s Can’t ‘Just Trust’ The ATF

ATF Director Steve Dettelbach

The [ATF’s ‘engaged in the business] rule was scheduled to take effect Monday. It required anyone who sells a gun to be licensed and conduct the same background checks as gun stores. The suit argued the rule violated the Second Amendment and the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. [District Court Judge Matthew] Kacsmaryk’s ruling did […]