OSD: Gangster Government Doesn’t Work When It’s Done in the Open

There’s an analogy here to what New York tried to do (to the NRA). The Tammany Hall approach worked when it could happen behind closed doors. And as evidenced by Gov. Cuomo’s tweets, the state thought it would work in broad daylight. But the same thing that motivated those — eyeballs — meant that this […]

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With New National Rifle Association EVP and CEO Doug Hamlin

Doug Hamlin

Less than two weeks ago, the National Rifle Association held their 153rd Annual Meeting in Dallas. Unlike many before it, this one went on without the retired and disgraced former EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre. His “retirement” and the embarrassing revelations that were revealed in a New York courtroom have cast a pall over the […]

No One Really Knows What to Expect at NRA Dallas

This year’s NRA Show – the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, as it’s properly known – comes against the backdrop of major changes at the top of America’s leading Second Amendment advocacy organization. At our sister site, The Outdoor Wire, Jim Shepherd has covered this issue extensively from before to the legal proceedings all the […]

As Wayne LaPierre Exits, the NRA is Down, But Not Out. Yet.

By Cari Babitzke, Boston University Wayne LaPierre resign from the National Rifle Association today. During most of the 33 years he spent at its helm as its executive vice president, the gun group’s membership, revenue and clout grew sharply. I am a historian of firearms politics and have researched the NRA’s long history. LaPierre’s legacy […]

NRA Trial in Manhattan Off to a Halting Start

NRA march for our lives protest gun control

NEW YORK CITY – Shortly after noon, Eastern time, Judge Neil Cohen called a short lunch recess after the jury selection process had finally concluded. Tentatively set to conclude on Friday, the process of seating a jury of New Yorkers who don’t have a pre-existing opinion regarding the National Rifle Association proved more difficult and […]

NRA On Trial: Win or Lose, Say Goodbye to the NRA as You Have Known It

NEW YORK CITY – Friday’s news that longtime National Rifle Association Executive Director Wayne LaPierre was resigning for “health reasons” brought a wide array of responses. Former NRA board members, fired past NRA executives, and others who had run afoul of WLP over the years were celebrating the fact that after numerous failed attempts to […]