No One Really Knows What to Expect at NRA Dallas

This year’s NRA Show – the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, as it’s properly known – comes against the backdrop of major changes at the top of America’s leading Second Amendment advocacy organization. At our sister site, The Outdoor Wire, Jim Shepherd has covered this issue extensively from before to the legal proceedings all the […]

Gunsmithing: It’s Hammer Time

When it comes to tools, serious gunsmiths — the ones that actually make their living working on guns — spend more on their tools than the GDP of some smaller nations. The itty bitty ones that nobody can name or find on a map. But most gun owners don’t need to take on that kind […]

When You Really Want to Murder a Murder of Crows

black crow bird

Crow hunting is a blast. Not that I would know first-hand because I have never been. But I’ve heard it is a helluva time. Several years ago when I was working at a Gander Mountain store in Utica, Michigan, one of the managers told a story about hunting crows that has stuck with me ever […]

Firearm Trainers: Those Who Can Need to be Able to Show They Can

The old joke — or perhaps it’s just a disappointing societal truth we do our best to ignore — is that those who can…actually do a thing, while those who can’t…turn to teaching the thing. If you’re wondering what the difference is between these two people, look no further than that cinematic tour de force, Back […]

Hands On With the Latest Gear From Viridian

Viridian came to town last week. They were in Phoenix for the Sports Inc. show and while here, they extended their stay through the weekend to allow for a casual media range day, drawing about 20+ attendees. When the invite came through my email I RSVP’d right away, not just because a day on the […]

My Resolution for the New Year . . .

That’s my New Year’s resolution, to read the owner’s manual. While that flies in the face of decades, centuries, nay millennia of men completely ignoring owner’s manuals and simply winging it, recently I have learned an important lesson about ignoring them. It can come at the cost of looking stupid. And looking stupid is exactly […]

SHOT Show 2024: The Year of the Lever Action

  During dinner Monday night before the show opened, the conversation turned to the new lever guns that had been announced. And before we new it the list got even longer, at which point Michael Bane, well-known industry insider and devoted lever gun aficionado, declared, simply, “this is the year of the lever-action.” Walking the […]

SHOT Show: Quick Hits From Around the Floor

  It came as no surprise to anyone that the opening day of the 2024 SHOT Show was a busy one. The floor was hopping with activity yesterday and some booths were strictly standing room only. Coming off a slow 2023 where consumer purchasing power took a one-two punch of high interest rates and painful […]