Giffords Gets Schooled On the Reality of Ammo Vending Machines

ammo ammunition vending machine American Rounds

It’s been said (supposedly by Mark Twain) that a lie can get halfway across the world before the truth can get its boots on. This is often true, largely because lies are easier to simplify and tend to be more entertaining than the truth. Truth often requires some work to learn, while an easy lie […]

American Rounds is Automating Ammunition Sales While Making it More Secure

One popular misconception pushed by anti-gun groups is that it’s easy to buy a gun in the United States. They make it sound as if it’s as simple as drive-through fast food. That’s patently untrue, of course, but its’ a vivid mental image they work hard to drive home. When you’re pushing emotion, not facts, […]

Progress: Alabama Grocery Stores Now Selling Ammo From Vending Machines

ammo ammunition vending machine American Rounds

Two grocery stores in Alabama currently have an automated vending machine that dispenses ammunition. American Rounds markets an automated ammunition dispenser which uses artificial intelligence technology to verify a buyer’s identification and age through card scanning and facial recognition software. The buyer inserts their photo ID, and the machine conducts a 360-degree scan to match […]