Joe Biden Stands Behind Hunter’s Gun Rights, But Tramples Yours

President Joe Biden has stated his son “did nothing wrong,” yet Hunter Biden now is on trial for lying on a federal Form 4473 when he bought a Colt revolver in 2018, and then committing the second crime of being a drug addict in possession of a firearm. “Joe evidently wants to protect his son’s […]

CMP Announces CMP-Branded Tisas M1911A1 Pistols

CMP Tisas M1911A1 pistol

I got wind of this at SHOT and talked about it in our 2024 show coverage, and now the guns are shipping. As I mention in that piece, a lot of folks either can’t afford, or aren’t happy with the prices of the original GI issue M1911A1’s that CMP is offering. Even for folks who […]

Vortex Announces New Defender-XL Microd Red Dot Sight

Responding to the demands of serious competitors, Vortex is excited to introduce a red dot that sets a higher standard for speed and accuracy in competitive shooting. Understanding the critical role of quick target engagement and flexibility in dynamic shooting environments, the Defender-XL is a new tool for shooters aiming to dominate the competition. The ultra-wide […]

Number of New Gun Owners Since 2020 Equals the Population of Florida

gun store sales background check 4473

Gun control activists hate gun ownership. “More guns means more violence!,” they shout. They’ll swear up and down that guns cause crime, not deranged and violent people. They push an unending agenda to limit the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans to lawfully purchase and possess firearms. Gun control activists are in for some bad news: […]

Pro Tip: Don’t Store Your Gun With Your Crack Cocaine in an Unlocked Car

Prosecutors opened their case against Hunter Biden on Tuesday by repeating the phrase sung widely by Donald Trump’s critics following his guilty verdict last week: “No one is above the law.” Lead prosecutor Derek Hines chose those words to begin his courtroom address to around 10 a.m., adding, “It doesn’t matter who you are or […]