Maine Governor’s Staff Reported a Tweet From the Firearms Policy Coalition as a Threat

Maine Governor Janet Mills

If you’re familiar with the Firearms Policy Coalition’s social media presence, you probably know their stock response to basically any call for infringement on civil rights: “Fuck you. No.” It’s not only short, but it gets attention tends to get attention and conveys the FPC’s message that they won’t acquiesce to limits on gun rights. […]

California Now Monitoring Lawful Gun Purchases While Criminals Get a Free Pass

Gavin Newsom angry

Remember just two short years ago when California officials apologized after a trove of private personal information of concealed carry permit holders was “leaked?” The sensitive information included the names, dates of birth, gender, race, driver’s license numbers and addresses of permit holders. That data leak also included the type of permit issued, indicating if […]

NOPD Drops ‘School’ Designation of French Quarter Station After Attorney General Intervenes

New Orleans French Quarter Bourbon Street

After meeting last week with Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill, New Orleans officials have quietly removed the 1,000-foot gun-free zone they had illegally established smack dab in the middle of the city’s popular French Quarter district.  “I had a productive meeting with NOPD Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick and District Attorney Jason Williams, and Councilwoman Helena Moreno […]

WaPo Uses Failed Reagan Assassin’s Song to Point the Finger of Blame at Guns

John Hinckley

“Well I don’t know what is wrong with this world, I wanna see some love. Everybody’s fightin’, here and there, I wanna see some love. Can’t we get along? All day long, Think it’s time we do.” This is the message of unity we’re hearing across the nation now, after a shocking weekend of violence […]

JD Vance Adds a Solid Second Amendment Supporter to the GOP Ticket

Trump Vance RNC Milwaukee

Former President and Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump announced U.S. Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) as his vice presidential nominee on the first day of the official Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sen. Vance has been in the U.S. Senate since 2023 and was well-known prior to running for office for his 2016 memoir Hillbilly Elegy. […]

Everytown Goes to Work Drumming Up the #GUNVOTE for JD Vance

JD Vance wouldn’t have been my first choice as running made for Donald Trump, but our hoplophobic friends at the anti-gun rights operation Everytown have gone to work, doing their level-best to convince America’s 100 million gun owners and those who care about gun rights to get on board the Vance train. Many thanks to […]

Lefties Horrified Young White Men Can Buy 50 Rounds of Ammo Without Triggering a SWAT Raid

Ana Navarro and Joy Behar blame the Trump assassination attempt on white men having access to guns. — Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 15, 2024 After the weekend’s events in Pennsylvania, it’s proven more difficult than usual for lefties and the gun control industry to formulate their talking points. MSNBC was apparently worried enough that […]

Hawaii Prohibits Young Adults From Buying or Possessing Ammunition

pistol ammo ammunition 9mm

Can you spell “unconstitutional”? Apparently Hawaii’s legislators can’t and neither can the Aloha state’s Governor, Josh Green (D, but you probably knew that). KHON2 reported on the bill . . . Gov. Josh Green is expected to sign a new bill into law that will ban those under 21 from purchasing ammunition. Those in support […]

Pollock: Democrats Have No Problem With Political Violence, They’re the Reason it Exists

Trump shooting assassination bleeding blood ear

Biden and Democrats keep saying that political violence is unacceptable, but they’re lying. For the past four years, Antifa, Hamas supporters, and other leftist activists have routinely engaged in political violence. They carry out arson, looting, beatings, all kinds of crimes. They make our streets look like Gaza. And in blue jurisdictions, they have immunity. […]

CCRKBA Condemns Political Violence, Calls for Calm

trump shooting assassination

JUST IN: President Biden had a phone conversation with Trump after the former President survived an assassination attempt in deadly Pennsylvania attack — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) July 14, 2024 The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms condemns Saturday’s attempt on the life of former President Donald Trump during a political rally […]