Gear Review: Olight Osight Reflex Sight [VIDEO]

Olight OSight red dot reflex sight

  We wrote about the new red dot sight from Olight the company introduced at NRAAM (see that post here). Yes, another red dot sight. But what was noteworthy, in addition to the Olight OSight being the first reflex sight from a company known for its flashlights and weapon lights, the OSight is a red […]

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Found Guilty on All Charges

Color us surprised. While the facts in the case against Hunter Biden were incontrovertible, prosecuting him in Delaware seemed to have tilted the tables in his favor. All it took was one juror in the President’s home state to decide they wouldn’t vote to convict. Or so we thought. After three hours of deliberation, though, […]

Feds Say GLOCK Switches Are a Plague, Offer Bounty for Arrests Of Those Who Have Them

GLOCK pistol switch

Federal law enforcement officials describe switches as “a plague to our community.” So what’s a switch? Officials say it’s an inch-long device that converts a semi-automatic gun into a fully automatic weapon. … The ATF representative first fired 15 rounds from a semi-automatic gun, which took a little less than four seconds to complete. Then, […]