Burris’s Upgraded Veracity PH Rifle Scopes With Heads-Up Display – NRAAM

Burris Veracity PH rifle scope heads up displa
Dan Z. for SNW

Back during the SHOT Show in January, Burris Optics announced an upgrade to the Veracity PH 4-20×50 rifle scope they’d announced last year. They’d upgraded the optics shortening the overall length of the scope by about an inch and reducing the weight, too.

To go along with the upgraded 4-20x scope, they also announced two more optics in the Veracity PH line, a 2.5-12×42 and a 3-15×44 mid range scope.

All three Veracity PH scopes have Burris’s digital heads up display.

As you can see above, I failed miserably to get a good image with my phone of the Veracity’s heads up display on the NRAAM floor, but this is what you’ll see when you look through the scope:

Burris Veracity PH heads up display (image: Burris)

Once you load your ballistic information (via Bluetooth) from your phone with the Burris Connect app, that information stays in the Veracity PH scope. You don’t need to have your phone with you or keep it synched any more…unless you change the ammo you’re using.

You dial your distance using Burris’s Pek programmable elevation knob. There are no clicks and Burris says the system is accurate to 1/10 MOA.

The heads up display then gives you a range of information including the turret position in yards, rifle cant, wind holdover and battery life. If your battery dies, you’re still good to go. The Veracity PH has a first focal plane etched reticle that’s still accurate at any magnification.

That’s a lot of technology paired with excellent Japanese glass, but the prices are surprisingly affordable. The 4-20 scope’s MSRP is $1560. The 3-15 is $1440 and the 2.5-12 is $1320. Expect to see them at retail for $150 to $200 less than those prices.

They’re hitting stores now and we’ll have one on the way for a few review. Stay tuned.



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