South Carolina joins 28 other states with some form of permitless carry thanks to the signature of South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. In a widely expected move, the governor’s approval means a government permission slip is no longer required, and government agents cannot arbitrarily deny licenses based upon the race, gender or political ideology of the applicants.  The bill, long and complicated, takes effect

Palmetto Politics has the story . . .

Gov. Henry McMaster signed legislation on March 7 making South Carolina the 29th state in the nation to allow residents to carry handguns without a permit.

The bill, fought over for weeks in the Statehouse, represents the largest expansion of gun rights in South Carolina since the state allowed the open carry of handguns for permitted gun owners three years ago.

It gives Palmetto State residents the right to carry firearms in most public places, creating what some advocates call a form of “constitutional carry.”

The bill isn’t without some ugly, hairy warts. Some have referred to this bill as “constitutional carry” with an asterisk. William Kirk and Washington Gun Law takes a look at some of the issues.

Spoiler alert: the bill contains a bevy of prohibited areas. There’s also one provision that mandates extra jail time for those “constitutionally carrying” — carrying without a state-issued carry permit — if they criminally misuse said firearm.

Knowing the law as a lawful and responsible gun owner is key to staying out of prison. South Carolinians should bone up on the new statute — which went into effect when the governor signed it into law — before they strap on and start packing. Ditto for those visiting the Palmetto State.

In the end though, despite its compromises, the bill moves gun rights forward. Hopefully the legislature there will revisit some of the outstanding issues and correct them in future sessions. In the mean time, congrats South Carolina.

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  1. Good news indeed. These pertmitless carry laws are not perfect, but far better than what was had previously.
    Get what you can and tweak it ASAP.

  2. So, we’re up to 29, now. 9 more, and we (at least theoretically) have enough states to ratify an amendment. How about an amendment that (i) permits carrying guns across state lines, regardless of “open carry” or “concealed carry” or “safe storage” laws (I would even be willing to compromise to permit a requirement that they be in a case and unloaded – that’s how I transport my guns, anyway), (ii) requires ALL STATES to recognize a valid CCW from ANY other state (“Oh, Lamp, you mean . . . JUST LIKE A FREAKIN’ DRIVER’S LICENSE????” Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean.), and (iii) gets rid of the absurd (and pointless) efforts to ban personal manufacture and suppressors (sure, in a perfect world, just get rid of the NFA and GCA, altogether).

    It ain’t perfect, but it’s a start.

  3. Lamp,
    It should be apparent to everyone, if the 2nd Amendment was accepted that there would be no need for any additional amendment.
    And all of the pertmitless carry legislation would be unnecessary.
    Consider: The 2nd Amendment does not limit when, where, how a citizen can bear arms.
    Shall not be infringed covers all the foolish arguments shouted by the left.

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